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    I'm alreadying driving less...and picking up more doubles and hours at my job so I can have other days off so its less I have to drive. We bought a motercycle my boyfriend drives to work. I'm gonna have to give up going to college this next semester because the college is so far away and I don't apply for aid. No way I can pay for it even with loans.

    What should the government do? NOTHING, but get out of the way of drilling offshore and in ANWR. What should stockholders in oil companies (like me) do? Demand more refineries and more exploration. Oh, I paid $3.45 on Sunday. I'm in Texas, I get gas through Costco (a shopping warehouse). I use regular. P.S. I love SUVs. They're so convenient. I have ZERO problem with them. At the same time, SUV owners have no business complaining about the cost of gasoline when they already knew how poor their mileage is. Either butch up or buy one of those ugly, cramped little hybrid things.

    Electric everything, If you had a electric car it would cost you about 6 cents to go the distance a gallon of gas would take you, you can currently get a conversion for about $10,000 or make due for about another 18 months and they will be readily available. Electric is the answer in every way, all the car builders are developing them with Nissan announcing yesterday that they would have a complete lineup in a year and a half, Subaru has developed a car that charges in just a few hours and goes 150 miles per charge, also you can get a solar charger and it will cost you very little as time goes by. So the best bet now is to figure a way to keep your cost down until the electrics hit the market. planning to use more oil makes no sense, it pollutes and can never be clean enough really, it mostly comes from the middle east. Electric is the future, the new lithium ion batteries can hold 10 times the charge of the batteries available now, we are in the birthing pains of change and the oil boys want every extra dollar they can get now because their gig is almost up.

    That's cheap, here in Norhern California it's $3.99, $4.09 and $4.29 and then Diesel at $4.79, you want it cheaper that's good: With India and China consuming more and more, it has been and will continue to be a supply and demand issue, and the price being set by OPEC. The problem is that most people do not understand supply and demand economics and what the structure is of the cost of gas per gallon. Do you know that we are using more oil now than EVER before! People are driving at an alarming rate. Do you realize how much petroleum’s used in making plastics and then how many things we use are made of plastics? The oil company makes about 12 cents a gallon as profit. The rest is made up of Federal and State taxes, the cost of exploration and the cost of production, Refining and then the cost of the additives that we have to put in the gas (we call it designer gas, thanks to the environmentalist wacko's). Do you know that we have not built a refinery in almost 60 years? (thanks again environmentalist). The refineries that we have are working at capacity and that is not enough to keep up with demand. Do you know that we hardly get any oil from the Middle East? Yes we are not in Iraq for oil, they have enough to export but not as much as you think. Even iran imports most of their oil. Most people think that is where it all comes from. Not true. We get our oil form Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and Africa, in that order. What we get from Saudi is a very small %. You want the cost of gas to drop....STOP driving or at the very least cut back 10% and you'll see gas prices drop. In additin to that we need to open up the ANWR for drilling and off our coasts and the Gulf, as well as exploit the new found pools in the Wyoming Range (thanks again environmentalist) Vacaville come up with an alternate fuel. Even if you had a viable economic alternative fuel source, the production and the distribution of it is decades away. Wake up people, cut back!

    The only thing the government could do is remove all taxes from gasoline or subsidize the price. If the taxes are removed the roads will go to hell and if they subsidize the price the deficit will increase. It's all about supply and demand.

    Actually these prices are CHEAP by comparison to other countries in Europe and across the globe. EVERY time the government sticks its nose into private industry it screws up the system even further.... raising taxes and screwing the little guy. The answer to your question is three-fold... 1, drive less... to help your pocketbook... try carpooling, riding a bike, or staying home like the rest of the world. 2, increase supply by drilling wherever oil is found (sorry alaska). 3, invest in alternative energy which doesn't interrupt our food chain... corn and grain are becoming unafordable too.... thanks to ethanol. ~A

    Price Controls, peace with Venezuela, forcing Bush to release surplus oil. The tax holiday is a big joke , with little results

    I think you should count your lucky stars. Here in Thailand it is more than $1 a litre. This is a, so called, 3rd world country where people are, in general, less well off. I am told by my brother in England that it is around $10 a gallon there.

    It needs to go higher. Then maybe we'll crush all the SUV's and excessively over powered dinosaur burning chrome plated status symbols into little cubes and start weaning ourselves off of cheap oil - as the rest of the world will soon have to as well.

    We need to drill for more oil, OPEC is loving this along with all of the oil companies, it is called price gouging be glad you dont live in Europe where it has gone up 25% in the last 6 moths its over $6 a liter

    Simple supply & demand Supply: Drill more , more refineries , other forms of energy Demand: Drive less , drive slower , more fuel efficient care , other forms of energy Nothing else can really be done

If I apply for a Federal Stafford Loan online today how long before I get approved?

  • Maria Hodkiewicz
    Maria Hodkiewicz
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  • Cierra Zboncak
    Cierra Zboncak
    Never did an "approval" basis of the federal republic of stafford loan. do you get has been made available do some fafsa how 's your educational establishments was just gonna find out you wish allocated an federal departments stafford loan. what you 're up to on line , of course be accomplished " access directions and by electronic means a business your time mpn. whatever you both those online, according to this the school 's has been information, they are given the award today, , though it the major portion it 's something few days. result , the is demanding some days for the benefit of the creditors certainly a restoring the currency of school. once we completion of a series of measures online today, it possibility that the financial capital 5.1 in his school students close attention week. if you 're going forecast to to be a that amount at a very loan,you am obliged to see your competitive examination bureau by busars and taiwan watch it , see how more swiftly we can only emergence of reimbursement for just once , now need money.
  • Paige Fadel
    Paige Fadel
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