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    I plan on using my post 9/11 GI Bill after ETSing in the next 6 months however I'm a little bit curious how it works. I know that with the Post 9/11 GI Bill the tuition is paid directly to the school however what does the kicker cover? Is that just extra cash paid to you to spend on other "school related expenses" or does it have to be paid to the school? Also, I plan on working as a police officer full time while going to school full time after I get out so most likely I will not be able to attend a brick-and-mortar college and will be taking online classes. I heard that you can take one class at an actual campus and take the remaining credits online and still be able to collect the full time BAH that traditional students would be able to collect, is this true? Thank you for all the answers in advance!

    The monthly stipend is paid directly to you. To get BAH, you must have at least one class per semester in an actual school building. The rest can be online. BAH is not paid for any time you are not in school - Christmas/semester break, summer break, etc.

    Kicker means that you paid about $600 more and got an extension on the GI Bill from 36 months to 48. It is not paid to you. BAH is and then there is the book stipend of up to $1000 for each school year. Max you can get is $625 in one semester and it works out to be around $41 a credit. You must be attending full time which is 12 credits or hours in Fall, Winter and Spring and 9 in Summer for undergraduate Programs. One of those classes must be in the classroom or special video link to qualify. If less than those credits you will only get partial BAH starting at 80%. If all classes online then you get 50% of the standard BAH which is around $650 a month. Taking 1 class at the campus is easy to do especially since you can need a lab class to graduate usually. If you are planning to be a police officer and attempt to go to school full time I can tell you it will difficult.

    I am re-answering this question because I now see why you asked this question. The old chapter 30 benefits were pro-rated but I haven't done less than full time on the new 33 benefits. They don't make it clear whether 7 units is more than half-time. That's what you mean, I get it now. Well in that case I have no idea if they mean you have to be at least 3/4 time or if 7 units counts as more than half. Even if you found a concrete answer on their web site, the West Hills may have since changed their interpretation. After all they didn't write the bill but are just interpreting it. Sorry I was absolutely no help, but good luck man.

Whats the difference if I decide to cosign instead of having a cosigner because of bad credit?

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