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    I have a male Chihuahua that has very flaky skin on his back, from where his body meets his tail to about 3-4 inches towards his head. He scratches it a lot of course. I bought some shampoo for hot spots (though I'm not sure that's what he has, it says it relieves the symptoms he has), and it has helped some (I've only used it once). My questions are, how often should I bathe him in this shampoo -the bottle doesn't say- & is there anything I could apply in between baths? Like maybe Vitamin E oil?? The area is not red or irritated, just VERY flaky and itchy for him. This is also the only place where he has the flaky skin.

    I took him to the vet about a week ago for his rabies shot, when I mentioned it to the Vet, he just ran his hand through my dogs hair and told me it was just dander. I didn't know there was a skin disease test & I'm pretty peeved that he just brushed it off instead of doing testing. I'll be taking him to another vet payday. Thank you.

    I think I feed them good food, but every brand says its the best. They eat Iams. I have another Chi, and she doesn't have this problem at all. I usually bathe them every few weeks, I was just wondering about this particular shampoo. I just switched flea treatments last month, I've wondered if maybe he's allergic to the Frontline, but figured his skin would be like that all the way down his back. I don't know, but I'll sure find out when I take him back to the vet.

    If the vet finds nothing, and it is just dander, I really suggest a higher brand as others have said. What food are you feeding him? Because if its a cheap brand filled with allergy causing ingredients, like grains and corn, it's no wonder your dog has a terrible skin and coat. I suggest buying a brand free of grains and corn, as well as free of byproducts, as byproducts can be literally anything... And are classified as unfit for human consumption. Not something I want to be feeding to a family member, no? Some of the terrible brands even contain cancer causing ingredients, road kill or euthanized pets... Which is why you also need to avoid unnamed meat. A named meat is something like chicken, venison and so on. An unnamed meat just simply says "meat meal" or "animal digest". Some good brands are orijen, canidae, acana, ziwipeak, Merricks, blue wilderness, wellness core, Evo, Evangers, instinct and taste of the wild. I've also heard raw eggs do wonder. Just mix a raw egg into his kibble twice a week, or more if needed and that's it. I've heard from another dog owner who's dog had dander even on a high quality diet that the eggs completely cleared it up. Eggs are just plain healthy as well. Not just for skin and coat. Make sure you feed the whole egg though. Egg whites, yolk and shell. And while it isn't mainly for dander, I really recommend raw meaty bones twice a week, especially with how many chihuahuas these days have dental problems and have to get their teeth pulled. Raw beef ribs are best, but you can pretty much give him any raw bone as long as it isn't too huge for a small dog like that. Raw bones floss when they tear meat off, scrape plaque off when they gnaw in the bone itself and is just delicious for them as well. Edit; Iams is terrible. I'm not sure if this is your exact formula, but the point stands. Read here: of grains, full of crap... It could easily be your problem... I can actually guarantee it'll help with your problem. And you're also bathing them too much. Dogs should be bathed once a month. The only exception is if its an emergency... Like the dog rolling in something. But otherwise, you don't need to bathe him that often. Edit again: Just to you know, a dog fed a higher quality food will also have more energy, will be much softer, will cost less in the long run due to less health problems and dogs fed better food don't need to eat as much either, as each bite in a good food has much more nutrients in it. Less food each month, less health problems = win win. Edit: Mother mighty, vets don't take a course on nutrition so naturally they don't know anything, unless they do research on their own. Iams is crap and there's no denying it, you could easily research it and look at the ingredients. I doesnt take a genius to see it is not good. I mean come on. I used to feed my dogs pedigree. Switched them to a new brand. You know what? Softer coat, no dandruff, more energy, less smelly crap, less health problems, less allergies, less smell. Seriously. It's not a matter of opinion or making people feed what you feed. It's a matter of nutrition, facts and common sense. The difference is like comparing someone eating salad, real meat, fruit and so on to someone living their life off of fast food.

    Often skin problems are from the food the dog eats. Check the ingredients list on his bag/can of food. Does it contain corn, wheat or soy? If so that could well be the problem. Bathing a dog to often can ADD to the problem. Bathing strips the natural oils. What you put Louisville him more than what you put ON him will likely be helpful. Look at the ingredients lists. Meat (not meal) of some type should be the first ingredient. There should be no corn, wheat or by-products. Innova, Wellness, Orijen & Merrick are a few of the good brands out there. You can also put a little olive oil in his food to help with dry skin. With any problem please know, the best place to start is with your vet.

    What you really need to do is take him to the vet to be checked for skin disease first. Shampoos don't help dry, itchy skin. In fact, bathing makes the problem worse because you're stripping all the oils out of the dog's coat and drying skin. First a vet check to eliminate skin problems that are medical, then add fish oil to his food daily, which is good for skin, coat and joints, and never over-bath the dog.

    Switch him to a high quality dog food, make sure he's treated for fleas each month, only bathe him every two weeks so you're not drying out his skin, use an oatmeal based shampoo, and yes, you can put Vitamin E or fish oil on his food.

    Regular gentle brushing, works, you can get this inexpensive tea tree oil spray stuff for once a week use too The food you are feeding sounds just fine. it is highly unlikely to be diet related if you are feeding a decent quality dog food such as Iams, if it is not bothering him and there is no redness, then keep bathing and shampoos to an absolute minimum, I can count the number of times i have bathed my 9 year old dog on one hand. The brush works wonders if you stick to it

    My dog had dandruff until I started feeding oily fish once a week. A tin of pilchards or sardines has sorted her problem.... although she wasn't itchy/ I would let the vet look at her first.

Help me, I'm confused as to which colleges I should apply to?

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    Marisol Bins
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    Marcos Howe
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    Kyla Bartoletti
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    Christopher O'Reilly
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    Whitney Heaney
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    Noemi Stanton
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