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    Ok will break it down so i won't get misunderstood . We call many International good boxerscon artists, but we close the eyes in our fighters . 1) Bernard has fight in US exclusively 2) From 1998 unti today, he has fight against only one man his size (joe) and he lost from him, he fought smaller men like Felix and Oscar and he lost 2 times from a fighter who Got Owned by mediocre boxers as Froch and Pavlik. 3)He clearly lost vs Segundo Mercado (first fight) and he got a gift Draw decision and he avoided Very good fighters like Sven Oplke ( i spelled it right ?) and a Polish guy who fought in Germany ,no way i can spell his name. 4) He always turn everything into race and he tried to understimate white boxers, but he avoided them during his well protected and overrated career and he is avoiding them now (Froch ,Adamek,Bute,Kessler) and i am sure he will pick a smaller black or white American fighter like Pavlik, to close his overrated career! Hopkins 3 big fights with men of his size Calzaghe Loss Roy "Superman the real deal" Jones Loss Glenn Johnson ,wow he won someone worthy his size hehe Thoughts?

    You just point out the Achilles Heel of boxing....... Most fighters are developed with income in mind. What anyone can't deny about Hopkins is his longevity. Look at the guy a couple of years ago. In his 40's and still competing. Sure, he finally got to a point where he is able to pick and choose, but he still has to perform in the ring. I remember when he couldn't get fights because of promotional problems and I noticed long ago that a Hopkins contract usually means that his opponent gives up advantages just for a payday. He hasn't done anything management-wise that is too different from other high profile fighters.....so when you slam Hopkins, know that you are also talking about all high profile fighters. This applies to you favorite fighter as well....who ever that is. Look at any high profile fighters record and see how many fights they had against high opposition. You'll find that the PBF's and DLH's of the world do not run across other legends in their prime. This obviously applies more to PBF than DLH. DLH fought a few guys in their prime.........look at his losses. He lost EVERY time. Anyone else you recognize on his record was either older or popular (not legendary). Hopkins just doesn't stand out any more than his contemporaries when it comes to the contractual con job........they are all guilty. Seems to me like mandatory title defenses are in order to put an end to the nonsense occurring in boxing.

    While you make an excellent point regarding Hopkins' competition during his reign as undisputed middleweight king, 20 defenses is still 20 title defenses. People have made the same argument when another legend, Larry Holmes, was champion... that he made his defenses (also 20) in a weak heavyweight era, but the bottom line was they were the best the heavyweight division had to offer, and, during Hopkins' time, his opponents were the best his division had to offer. I don't see how anyone could say you're hating, to be frank. Knight, I never criticized Joe Calzaghe or Dariusz Michalczewski, and the only time I've critiqued anything related to Sven Ottke was in his fight with Robin Reid. I know many others here have, but not me, Knight. Never.

    He fought Mercado in Quito Ecuador even if he did lose that fight, he KO'd Mercado in the rematch. He also fought in Paris, France. He had to play by Oscar's rules when that fight took place, and he wasn't seeking out Oscar, Oscar was trying to gain another title. That fight was a 156lb catchwweight. Bernard's middleweight title was on the line and he had to weigh in 4 lbs lighter than a middleweight in order to get 1/3 of the contract. (10 million to Oscar's 20 mil). As far as Trinidad being smaller, well he weighed 1.5 lbs more than Bernard at the weigh in. Barnard is two inches taller than Tito, but that's not why he won that fight. As far as Pavlik and Froch, they beat the guy that beat Hopkins, no question. But didn't Bernard just beat Pavlik pretty convincinly? And Pavlik is taller with a longer reach than Hopkins. I think Hopkins has had a pretty awesome career myself, and who would win if he fought Roy now? Bernard's only been on the canvas once in his life, and he's never been close to being KO'd and this is after boxing professionaly for 21 years. And after his win over Trinidad, he only became the first undisputed middleweight sice Marvin Hagler. And like it or not, Las Vegas is the boxing capital of the entire world, so it makes sense to fight there. Ever since Manny gained a large following he's had to fly to the US to fight, an it hasn't seemed to make a difference. Since 06' Manny has fought only in Nevada.

    BERNARD'S RACIAL TACTICS ARE IMMATURE NO QUESTION BUT THAT HAS NOTHING TOO DO WITH HIM Louisville A FIGHTER. Bernard Hopkins for he most part was considered a large Middleweight. However too say he was taking advantage of smaller men is kind of an overstatement considering the fact that he never had an issue making weight so how could he be criticized. Oscar Dela Hoya and Felix Trinidad are both fighters that moved up and challenged Bernard he didn't go looking of either guy. Oscar has titles in about 6 or 7 weight classes and was the 160 WBA champion when Bernard fought him. Trinidad and Bernard met because Don King had a Middleweight unification tournament in which both made it too the finials. So you mean too say both men Oscar and Felix Capture world titles at 160 and then when Bernard beats them the EXCUSE is their too small.....when they Challenged him. Bernard Hopkins had 20 some odd title defenses as Middleweight I don't understand how you say that's a fluke agents smaller guys. THEIR IS NO FLUKE THAT HAPPENS 20+ TIMES Louisville ANY SPORT. Sven Ottke for one was a Super Middleweight not a Middleweight and your kind of contradictionn yourself. By criticizing Bernard for "Fighting exclusively in the US but not Ottke who fought Exclusively in Germany. Bernard Moved up in weight Ottke didn't. Bernard unified titles Ottke didn't, Bernard has fought Hal of Fame fighters in Jones and Clazaghe he might not have won but Ottke didn't even take the risk let alone beat them. Bernard has had a Hall of Fame Career period i know your probably Knight Dela Barra with another avatar or some European fan that feels the need too stir up things. Froch ,Adamek ,Bute ,Kessler nither guy has defended their title more than 10 times I dont think all of them together equal 10 times (LOL) how can you compare that too Bernards 20. Bute has never fought outiside Canada but yet you dont critize him Just Bernard.

    I think your assessment is wrong. I think many of Bernard'ss losses are wins (Taylor and Calzaghe). Hegetss not credit from the crowd and the judges for hisdefensivee genius. Guys are getting credit for throwing punches that don't land because B-Hop is blocking them. Being aggressive is good but if a guyisn'tt landing anything heshouldn'tt get credit for that. I also noticed youdidn'tt mention Tarver. And who has Calzaghe fought outside of England Hopkins. Ooh, he beat an overrated Lacy.That'sa con-man. He retired without facing Froch. Hopkins will fight Froch...who was getting his behind kicked until he got a late KO on Taylor...get your info straight!

    You must really hate Mr. Hopkins, but then again judging by words "You Musta Fohgot" that he completely destroyed a YOUNGER stronger man of Pavlik, he fought a close decsion loss against a YOUNGER faster fraud Calzaghe, schooled and KO'D a very YOUNGER very skillful Trinidad, KO'D a YOUNGER Dela Hoya, went up in weight and beat up a YOUNGER Tarver, embarrased a YOUNGER and defensive Wright. Yes he did lose to a YOUNGER fighter of Jermain Taylor twice but in very close decisions, Taylor then got knocked out by Pavlik and then schooled too. Jones was knocked out by Glenn Johnson and Tarver. From what you typed you must not undrestand the sweet science of boxing. He did not beat these guys on speed and strength but he beat them on very high skill. Calzaghe fought a one armed Jeff Lacy and beat a flat footed Kessler and then got a split decision against an OLD Hopkins. But what do I know about boxing. Im only Mexican Amercian. and tell Ricardo Juarez he to damn technical boring!

    Bernard hopkins is a MONEY man. he fights only if the money is correct if it's not correct he wont' fight. and at this stage in his career he's not trying be send into retirement fighting one these mans. simple. to answer your questions he didn't fight these man proably becasue he wants more money then they can give him. and there's alot to lose. . . gotta give hopkins credit he's in his prime still at over the age of 40.. some say he beat joe and joe even hit the canvas ..

    Froch is not mediocre. He is a beast

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    Esperanza Witting
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    Maud Funk
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