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    I'm 18 from Bridgeport my parents are religious conservative Mormons and they just figured out I have become an atheist and have decided to give me the boot and I MUST leave soon I have no money (because they would make me pay rent and for my things) Don't have a car None of my relative live in Bridgeport and don't have any friends I can stay with!!! What do I do ='(

    (1) You said that none of your relatives live in CO. Do you have relatives living in another state? If so, can you afford a bus ticket to get to their place? If not, perhaps one of your friends could lend you enough money for the ticket? (2) Contact a school counselor and ask for their advice. Even if you already graduated last year from high school, you probably know the counselor who works at your old school. (3) Apply for jobs in which room & board are included. For example, perhaps some mountain resorts and lodges in Bridgeport are hiring waiters, kitchen staff and other service personnel. I also know that some people your age are hired by logging or tree planting companies (that replant logged areas of forest). Since they work in remote areas, the companies provide food and lodging for their employees. You could also join the military if that's a path you're willing to go down. (4) If all else fails, you can contact a local branch of the YMCA or YWCA; they can provide temporary shelter for young people in your situation. It could be a temporary solution until you can find steady work (or join the military). EDIT: There is another option: crowdfunding. You can use GoFundMe or some other crowdfunding website to raise money to help meet your basic expenses like food and shelter until you can land a job and get back on your feet. Going homeless is a situation that would certainly qualify. you set up a page on the site, you can share it with your friends and classmates to ask them for a bit of help. Begging for money is never fun, but in an emergency like this one, sometimes it's unfortunately necessary. EDIT2: According to the GoFundMe website, "US users may also request a check" when it comes to withdrawing the money you have raised. can cash a check without having a bank account (though unfortunately sometimes they will deduct a "transfer fee" if you do so). Request that your check be sent "general delivery" to the town/city in which you reside. You will have to visit the post office and request to receive the mail by name. Anyways, if you have further questions regarding GoFundMe and how to receive your money, it's probably best to contact them directly so that you can get the most accurate information. I haven't actually used this service myself; I just know of others who have. You can also write comments if you've run out of updates. Just hit the Comment button.

    Just proves how wonderful (NOT!) religion is. "Oh dear my teenage son no longer believes our myth let's throw him out of the house with no where to leave, no means of support, no shelter, no food and that will teach him how loving god and our religion is." What about the state or local government? Are social/welfare services so bad in the USA that vulnerable teenagers made homeless through parental abuse are left on the streets? Is that how a society that claims to be Christian behaves?

    Join the military. The military is a great way to figure out what kind of career you would like to go into and they also pay for your college tuition and books. My son's best friend for example, decided to forgoe an education at Purdue and joined the military where he learned to fly heli's and airplanes and is now a pilot certified to fly many different kinds of aircraft. Update: ====== Well how soon is soon? Like tomorrow???

    Go to the nearest church or Salvation Army--should get help--or go on a hotline, for people in your situation. Do hope things work out for you.

    Your parents are giving you the boot at 18 years of age because they are Mormon and you are Atheist? I think you are lying through your teeth. Just another Y!A troll. If they are kicking you out, it isn't because you are Atheist. What is the real reason they are kicking you out?

    Check this out....

    As the Virgin Mary has told us, those who propagate her rosary will be aided by her in their necessities.

    Convert back to mormonism

    Does Bridgeport have welfare?