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    NO! You need to be at "his" bank every morning as soon as it opens it's doors so you can see if the funds are available -- each morning is different as his balance goes up & down -- one morning you may catch it with enough funds in it! His bank can tell you immediately if the funds are available. They can do this without him knowing you're checking & w/o it costing you or him anything. If you put it in your account you'll only get 1 shot at the check clearing. If the funds aren't available when the check goes thru it WILL bounce. He will be charged $30.00 for an overdraft & you will probably be charged $10.00 for a check handling chargeon a bounced check!!! I had an employer once, a German national, whom I suspected was going to return to Germany w/o paying all the people he owed -- including me. I suspected this as I was his executive secretary & a signer on the checking account. I warned the 2 other creditors to put a lean on his land as I knew he was gonna bug-out, but they didn't listen. I knew 1 big check was to be deposited to his account for the sale of the land, so I went to the bank counter every morning at opening to see if my paycheck would clear b4 he had a chance to drain the account. One morning after 3 or 4 days of trying his funds came in and my check for $990.00 cleared & I got my money!!! Well, he had written another check to buy some other property that same morning & since i was there at 9AM & the tellers hadn't gotten to his check for purchase yet , my check beat it thru b4 his check went thru. His check would have bounced by $33.00 anyway as he didnt actully realize his exact balance, but he was gonna drain the account that morning & if I hadnt been there in person at (AM my check wouldnt have cleared and his account would've been emptied again as I'm sure he'd have driven to the bank paid the overdraft charge and given them just enough money for his check to clear. He had NO INTENTION of putting enough money in the bank to pay those people he owed!!! He called me up screaming, I couldnt get a word in edge-wise, I tried to shout over him that all I did was cash my paycheck for the month (1983). He was furious & he told the other head secretary at his main office (whom I had already warned to get her pay, but she wouldn't listen). Anyway, SHE calls New London up telling me I am in serious trouble and her husband is a lawyer and I broke such & such a law. And I said, "Hey, I broke NO LAWS!!! I am a signer on that account & I have every right to write myself a check as I've been doing for 3 years & every right to cash it!!!" She continued ranting and I finally hung up on her too!!! Well to make a long story longer, she didn't file a lein (he owed her & her LAWYER husband $3,000.00). The German "financier" up and splits after he goes to the bank and pays his overdraft check for his new land in another country. The secretary & her LAWYER hubby and the other CREDITOR who NEVER FILED for a lein as I warned them to do -- NEVER GOT PAID !!! I saw the SMARTY PANTS SECRETARY a couple of years later, while out shopping & she said to me, "You know, you were right, you had done NOTHING WRONG in cashing your check -- your name was on the account as a signer, I was doing what he instructed me to do, trying to intimidate you into replacing the money into the account. You were also right about him running out without paying us! We lost $3,000.00 in service fees he owed us & he didnt pay the other people the $2Grand he owed them either!!! I just wanted to tell you, you were right & I appologise for that phone call." I told her that I accepted her apology & I was sorry she had lost her money. And she thanked me for trying to warn her to file a lein. So, when someone owes you money, do everything you can to get it, including practically living at the bank until those funds come through -- he's bound to put money in to cover a mortgage or a car loan or something & if you're there at opening the morning after his funds clear, you'll get your money!!! And don't let anyone intimidate you (even a LAWYER). If you're in the right -- go for it, but dont put that check through your bank!!! It will end up costing you and you won't even get the check back, it'll be returned to him!!! So go to his bank every morning -- be there at 8:00AM P.S. -- Nothing against German people, I'm about 1/2 german by heritage myself. And English, Scottish, French, & Irish.

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    Cashier's checks are "certified funds", which means you cannot get one unless you have the cash to back it up. In other words, no, you cannot. In order to get a cashier's check, you would need to take the check to "his" bank, where they could determine immediately if the funds are in his account. If he does not have the cash in his account, then .... No deal.

    No.... a cashiers check needs to be paid for with guaranteed funds from your account or cash. You would have to wait for the check to clear. I would not deposit a check you know will bounce. Keep trying to cash it at the bank it is drawn on then deposit the cash into your bank....

    Only if you have enough money in your account to cover the bounced check, then they just take your money

    Nope. you thinking of defrauding the bank???