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    My husband and I were pre-approved for a FHA loan on a manufactured home through that company's lender. But after researching, we think a site built home will be better in the long run. We went to Wells Fargo since that is where we bank. Currently the FHA loan is in underwriting. Since we were approved once, does that mean we will get approved again and for the same amount?

    Not necessarily. The guidelines are different for manufactured homes and stick built homes. If you don't have a signed purchase agreement, your loan is not in underwriting. A loan does not go to underwriting until there is a signed purchase agreement. Contact your loan officer asap. If you got the loan through a manufactured home lot, then you need to go to a bank to be approved for a stick built home. Feel free to email me at msannw@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

    Don't do anything until you have the place inspected Norwich until the FHA appraiser gives you the list of needed repairs. Here's the glitch...IF you don't have the $ to do the repairs to get the home up to FHA standards....then you lose the money you have spent on inspections & appraiser fees. What the bank fails to tell people is this: ~There is a difference between what the FHA appraisal is all about (its a VISUAL INSPECTION), & the actual home inspection (a HANDS-ON testing of all systems in the home). ~Then there's the extra fee & whammy of the TERMITE INSPECTION....which can put the skids on an FHA LOAN Norwich add thousands to the move-in price of the property. Norwich OTHER WORDS>>>>IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPOT A BAD HOUSE OVER A GOOD HOUSE (structurally & otherwise),...you will end up depressed, angry & broke. Work with a reputable & experienced agent/friend BEFORE you start paying all those fees for the other party to keep & leave you penniless & without a home. FHA IS TRICKY & PRECISE Norwich THEIR GUIDELINES & THEY WILL NOT WAIVER. It's their money & they call the shots. *Edit: We were given a closing date of Dec 15 & we are still awaiting the final date. This whole thing was a crap shoot & we know it will turn out to be good...yet, it's not anything I'd ever care to repeat in the same manner on a 2nd time around with FHA.

    Maybe. Your loan is in underwriting...for a pre-approval, do you mean? If that's the case, and you want to do something different, tell them right away. It's a different loan and may have a different scorecard.

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