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    I'm currently enrolled in a county college and already got accepted into a 4 year university. Ever since I've started school, I never got financial aid, justa scholarshop, but that scholarship is already expired so I don't have it anymore. The thing is, my family doesn't have money and we're living off loans now. Every time we do our fafsa, we never get financial aid. We have two houses, but that doesn't mean we're rich. the only reason why we have two houses is because my grandmother(RIP) at the time was going to lose it and she needed assistence. We've been trying to sell it and nobody can buy it and we even lowered the price a lot so that someone can just buy it already because it's eating away at my parents bank account. We literally have no money, I only have 9 bucks in my bank, because I'm full time student and school is a job in itself for me as it is. But I just did my fafsa and the only goddam thing we got is loans, NO FINANCIAL AID. Nothing. I hate loans and I don't want my family or me spending the rest of my life paying off a loan when clearly we are in financial need. It's $20,000 a year in that school. Technically speaking, I can't afford to go to school without financial aid and I hate my parents wasting their money, I don't want them to, they shouldn't have to if they don't have the money. What is wrong with the government, they see how much we have in our bank accounts, but all they see is the goddam second house and automatically think, "OH these people have money, but they have so little in their banks, but still, they have a second house. That still makes them rich" And my dad even sent a letter to them explaining the second house but nothing, they don't care :''''[ I don't know what to do, I'm trying for scholarships like crazy and I'm honestly stuck with school, and university papers and now financial stuff and my own personal problems and it's all too much. Please can someone tell me what i can do, like maybe I can send proof of something or a letter. What is wrong with them?!

    @PW: WE DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY. I don't live in luxury, I live in a very urban setting, I can't buy my favorite clothes, in fact I can't even buy anything because we need every single dime and penny we have. it ALL counts. I only have 9 dollars in my bank account, and 100 in my money market, I don't work since school is my own full time job now. Parents only have 1,800 dollars in the bank [which is nothing] everything we buy has to be by loans not including all the court issues we have that is wasting even more of our money. Just because we own two houses DOES NOT make us any richer than anyone else, that's what everyone thinks automatically. It's an empty house and we've had everything taken from us from that house. No one lives there, we simply check up on it to make sure nobody has broken in or anything. If we really did have the money to keep it, we'd be using it, but we're in such desperate need to get rid of it because it's impeding us from getting any financial aid[ripping us of

    "But I just did my fafsa and the only goddam thing we got is loans, NO FINANCIAL AID. Nothing. I hate loans and I don't want my family or me spending the rest of my life paying off a loan when clearly we are in financial need" I don't understand why so many people think that there is a difference. Loans are money. Money that financially aids your ability to pay for college when you need it. And they will not take the rest of your life to pay off. In other words, YOU HAVE FINANCIAL AID! (Financial aid in fact which will most likely leave you debt free before your 35th birthday. Far from the rest of your life). And regardless of the reason why your family owns a second house, the fact is, you would not own it unless you could afford to. We all want our elders to be safe and secure, but we don't buy houses for them if we do not have the money to do so. And the bank does not ask your reason for owning a second house when they come to reposess it. If it hasn't been reposessed, then that means your family was able to afford it. So, you clearly do have the assets available to you. Scholarships generally are awarded based on your academic merit, and don't have a whole lot to do with your financial need. Grants are only awarded to students who generally have very little financial assets of any sort available to them. In other words, people who do not have the luxury, no matter how much they might think they need it, of being able to scrape of the money for a second house. (The reality is, whether it feels that way or not, if you can afford to own one, then you ARE in fact, richer than most of us.) VERY VERY FEW students are able to get through college without taking out at least some money in loans. And there is nothing you could put in a letter that would convince anybody that even though your family was able to afford to buy two houses without going into bankruptcy, that you somehow are in fact poor. A poor family who asked for any bank anywhere for the money to buy a second house would have been shown the door without a second glance. Anyway, even Federal Loans were not meant to cover your entire educational cost. As others have pointed out, if you cannot afford to pay for the university, you could always just look for a cheaper one. Maybe even one who is impressed enough by your academic achievements to give you a scholarship.

    You do know there are cheaper schools right? Matter of fact, I know of several schools in Crestview that for 20k, you can get a bach for 4 years, AND get a masters degree. It's great to shoot for the stars, but you'll never get there by a bottle rocket. Maybe find a state school where the tuition is maybe only 6k a year, and that will ease your family stress.

    First, if your chum is 26, she is self sustaining and could no longer want her discern's information to document the FAFSA. 2nd, it is not appropriate who claims/would not declare a pupil. in the event that they are decrease than 24, they ought to document with their father and mom. final, if she is getting married quickly, she ought to attend until after she is married to document the FAFSA if she would not opt to apply her mom's counsel. If she already filed and is decrease than 24, married or no, she would be waiting to need her discern's counsel. Your chum needs to touch the faculty's monetary help place of work.