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    I live in Doral & I would like to buy a house which costs around $399,000. I make $100,000/yr (pre-tax). I have some school loans total $16000 (I paid off $40,000 already) and I am currently working on paying it off. Can I afford this house with a down payment of about $50-55,000? Also I may combine with someone else who makes around $35,000 to buy this house? Can I afford the payments? Thank you! (Also when I put the figures in one of those mortagage calculators - it says my monthly mortgage will be ~$2800 - can we do this without feeling the hardship & living paycheck to paycheck?)

    Well NO I make $120,000 and my mortgage payment is $750 a month plus $200 a month for property taxes. That is all I feel I can afford, If you pay such a high payment ($2800 a month) you have no room for error if you get some unexpected expensives, get sick, lose job, etc. It is best to live below you income.

    You are asking the WRONG question and looking at this WRONG. The question should NOT be "CAN I afford this" but should be "What is the BEST INVESTMENT I can make with the money I spend on keeping a roof over our heads?" SInce you stated that you and your wife make 110K a year and are spending $1100 a month USING POST-TAX INCOME TO pay for it; that money is doing NOTHING to increase your net worth. Buying A house would be a better choice of HOW you spend your current income. So yes, you SHOULD buy a house but now you have to ask, WHICH house, what neighborhood, what size, what design, what school district, what price range, what is the local crime rate, and lots more???? You seem to be looking at the purchase of a house like it was a pair of shoes or a new car. "What is the nicest I can AFFORD, what will be friends think of it? How will it make me LOOK? ALL of these are the wrong viewpoint. Look at it from an INVESTMENT standpoint. What amount of money can you put down to purchase an investment that will go up over time and how will that investment affect our taxs? As a married couple; you can claim a TAX FREE gain of 500K on the sale of a primary resedence that you lived in 2 out of the last 5 years. Use this "tax loophole" to pinpoint what house you buy, live in for 2 to 4 years and then sell; creating a 500K tax free gain. DO NOT BUY the biggest or highest priced house you THINK you can afford!!!! Buy the house that will make you the most money!

    In my state before all the loan crisis I understood that a 20% down payment is ideal for a down payment. You put down a significant amount you are a more attractive prospect because you have more to lose which is reason some people do not have PMI insurance. I am not sure if they still are giving loans out to people with 3%, 5% or 10% down anymore, I believe people who place such small amounts have little to lose and more of a chance to default on a loan. with such small amounts you will be in a world of hurt. One thing is that you have to get the realistic amount you are going to pay for a mortgage, plan on a impound account especially when it comes to property taxes. What I would do! Find a real cheap studio apartment if you single or rent a room, make a plan what you need minimally to survive on, then all the extra money save, no more new cars, use coupons anything! That way you can buy the house on your own. Save more if you want if you want to be able to pay the house mortgage with one weeks pay and save money just in case of lay off (6 months pay) Save!

    If you want to ruin a friendship, buy a house together. The rest looks ok, but don't go in with your friend. If you want to buy it and include the friend as a roommate, go for it. But a financial relationship, especially when you make three times as much, wouldn't work out. Also, the mortgage calculators don't key in insurance, taxes, escrows, or other things like that. Add about 25% to be safe. Also, the mortgage companies will always approve you for more than you can afford. YOU have to make that call. Also, consider past utility bills from the prev owner. Then, work them into your budget. Good luck. NOTHING like NOT sharing a wall with another person.

    When applying for a home loan your credit report will be reviewed and you may be required to provide a number of other details, including: Employment and income records, Tax Returns for the last few years List of assets, List of liabilities and what you owe, Your budget showing monthly living expenses so that you can demonstrate an ability to pay. With this information you and your lender will be able to determine the kind of home loan and size of the right mortgage for you. In some cases, you can obtain a pre-approval or pre-qualified certificate, which shows how much you can borrow so that you can then shop for homes in an appropriate price range.

    You probably can swing it depending on other bills but it will be tight. Never buy a home with a friend that is the best way to end a friendship. The note I come up with is about $2000 + taxes and insurances and then the note depending on the tax rate could get that high then I would not buy it at all as you will be staring at 4 walls with no life

    Would be a mistake never go more than 2.5 time your income at most. You would be house broke and the minute taxes went up you would be in the foreclosure line or on here writing what can I do. By something more in line with your income