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    Just curious as to what what price range you guys think I should be looking... Me and My wife make about 110k a year combined...Our credit scores are around average maybe high 600's... and our expenses are normal ( not too much debt, only 1 car payment, no major loans) I think we can probably get about a 40k down payment. How much of a home do you think we can afford?

    Do a budget and then use a mortgage calculator to see what your mortgage payment can buy you. I just ran one through the calculator below and the suggestion came back about $350,000 or so (including down payment). You'll have to plug in your own numbers, but my guess is you are going to be somewhere in that region. The best advice I can give you is never be a slave to your mortgage. You don't want to be struggling to make your house payment every month. There are some nice fixed rate loans out there right now. Talk to a reputable mortgage banker to discuss your specific situation. Get approved for a mortgage with a repayment you can comfortably handle. Then go house shopping, sticking with that budget.

    Well if what you say is true, meaning your debts are not too high and your expenses are not overwhelmingly, based on average credit scores I am thinking somewhere in the 350k-400k would the MAX home price you could afford. Lenders want to see less then 30% of your total monthly income going towards home expense. So for example if you are putting 40k down and getting a 310k mortgage ( for a 350k home total)your monthly mortage payment would be somewhere around 1800-2000 with normal credit scores. But then you have to add tax + insurance + any homeowners assoc fees. So you may be looking at 2300-2500 when all that is added up. You make about 9000k a month so 2500 is roughly 28% of that. It all depends on how agressive you want to be. You may be more confortable in the 300-325k range , but your income will allow you to afford more if you want.

    A candid real world answer is not based on calculators. understand realtor's, bankers love over selling you, they win. don't look at how much you can "afford" look at what you want and why. 2 people can love comfortable in 1900sq ft add 2 kids it still is comfortable . add 2 more move up to 2500 sq ft. anything else is being sold into someone elses ego or insecurities. you didn't say location - 350K$ buys 4times the space in Dunedin than in Dunedin or lower NY. did you want a house as an albatross , anchor, leg chain, or paid off secure place to live. want a house for parties every weekend or occasional friends gathering. want a place to return to after work so you can go traveling on spare time or a place to bunker down against real world? real world house payment would equal one week take home pay to cover principal and interest on 30 yr or less fixed rate loan. no balloons , variable or creative loans they win you lose. figure two weeks take home pay can be spent on the untold related house expenses if you want. Taxes, utilities, POA, transportation , empty house syndrome, upkeep , yard expenses, these are extra untold expenses. visit to learn what bankers mortgage comp. pray you never ever learn or apply.