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    Why is it that when ever I have a problem and call the police they can't seem to do ther job right? info: I have been trying to file a retrainning order against my legal Husband for 3 weeks now and have been trying to have him served papers to show up in court. the police in my county will go out ther one or two times but never follow up on it why is this? I thought I would have more protection than this I do pay taxes to pay their salary thank you in advanced

    I understand that I'm not the only person but I had to call the sherrifs office to find out if I go to court or not they didn't even have the decency to call me until it was almost to LATE and it is because he abused me I have affidavits from 4 of my neighbors stating that they heard what was going on but I can't get even a temporary restrainning order from him as I have to see the judge first

    Let me tell you something about the laws in this state. I've lived in Elfers for two years and some of what I've seen where law enforcement is concerned is downright ridiculous. Based on what I've read and seen with relation to domestic violence laws here, he'll kill you before they do something. The problem is that the government officials responsible for enforcing the law don't know the laws. It sounds ludicris but it's the honest to God truth. I was charged, convicted and sentenced to pay a fine...for something that I DID NOT do..and forced to pay almost $500 in restitution...WITHOUT a trial....with NO proof that I did anything..and I was notified BY MAIL!!! All over a check I wrote and post dated to pay a repairman. He deposited the check immediately anyway after he wrote on my work order that I post dated the check and that it was to be held?! Someone vandalized my brand new truck. I knew exactly who did it because three people witnessed it happen in my own yard. I called the police. I filed a complaint. They said they would "call her" and try to get her to pay for the damage but that technically there was nothing the could do, nor could they enforce the law because she lives out of state..WTF? Yesterday.. my brother was at work and a fellow employee LOST his wallet that supposedly contained $6000 cash. There is no proof that there was a wallet. There was no proof that there was $6000 and there is no proof that someone stole it. The idiot calls the police ranting and raving "someone stole his wallet." The cops came and searched all of the other employees and all of the work vehicles.... ILLEGALLY..obviously. They do what they want to do and they make the laws up as they go along because they're too stupid to comprehend what the laws mean. Don't even try to figure it'll make your head hurt and it will make you dizzy. Last night... the people across the street from me have one continuous keg party. This guy goes barreling out of the driveway drunk, hits the curb and bounces out into the middle of a two lane road. He almost took out a tractor trailer and a Volkswagon. Cop was right behind him. Does the DUI road test, locks him up, tows the car. Two hours later he was right back over there. There is something seriously wrong in this state.

    Call your lawyer. While I understand that this matter is quite important to you, ESPECIALLY if he's abused you in some way, but you also must understand that there are other things that they must do. They've made the effort to go out there a few times and they have not been able to find him. If you live in a small town, I'm sure the police force cannot afford to have one officer spend day and night attempting to track down your husband. If this restraining order is due to any kind of physical abuse, you can be granted an emergency restraining order from a judge. Yes, you do pay taxes and that's what pays their salary, however, other residents of where you live also pay their taxes and pay their salary also, so while you're entitled to police protection and service, you're not the only one entitled to it. lilirishgirl: Understand that depending on the size of someone's township or municipality, the majority of police do NOT handle their own 911 calls. When someone calls 911, the call is placed to a central agency who may handle up to 30 or so townships at the same time. From here, they get your location (what specific town you're in) to know where to route your phone call. Two people calling 911 at the same time from 2 different towns, their phone call goes to the same exact place.. most likely to two dispatchers sitting next to each other. Phone call 1 is routed to town A fire department while phone call 2 is routed to town B police department. It's not backwards, it's the way things work and there's absolutely NO need to get catty over my comment because YOU inferred that you were upset because you were put on hold and transfered. I was merely telling you how the 911 system works because apparently you're on a high horse over being put on hold and transfered. Get a grip. Im tired of people complaining about their police system. The majority of stories people tell about their "bad" experiences with police are told from a "i was wronged" perspective and often times details are left out to make the "wronged" party seem more credible. I take everyone's "truth" with a grain of salt because the majority of it is one sided. Alot of times law enforcement officers hands are tied behind their backs for various reasons. Be it department policies or state or federal laws... if you don't like the way it works in your community, have a conversation with the chief of police and have things reformed. As one of you put it "i pay their salary", so let them know your opinion. Either that or put on a uniform and do the job how you think it should be done instead of complaining about it and not doing anything. Seriously. Get. A. Grip.

    I wish I could help you, but you are right. I live in South Carolina. I had to call 9-1-1, someone set a dumpster, and old mattresses on fire by the apartments. I called 9-1-1, and they said that I need to call the fire department. Then they put me on hold to transfer my call. The whole state seems backwards. Another problem we had is there was a party a couple doors down from us. I thought that my husband locked the front door. I was asleep in my bed. I heard a sobbing, noise and there was a woman standing at the foot of bed. She woke my baby up, and said " Let me have your baby, I am good with kids." I didn't see a weapon so I picked her up and carried her out my front door, and called 9-1-1. Said someone broke into my house, and she is trying to get back in. The police never showed up!!! Later on that night same freaking party, they were shooting in the parking lot, I called 9-1-1, and my neighbors called 9-1-1, and they never showed up. Now, Stang Girl I don't believe I need you to tell me how 9-1-1 works. In addition, my friend was beat by her husband. Not just smacked BEAT! She hit back one time, and left a scratch on his cheek, she was put in jail. But she had a broken nose, and a black eye. Don't tell me that this state isn't freaking BACKWARDS I live here.

    Better use spell check, I got a chuckle out of it. Okay now you are in Good Ole Boy Territory. Good luck getting it done without embarrassing the local law officers. I wish you luck.

    Get your lawyer involved.