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    Creditors aren't going after us. we are not trying to escape it, we are not going to get bankrupcy or anything like that. we are making all the payments and everything. but the recruiter said it is not a good thing and that it'll all depend after he takes his ASVAB so we are scared. cause we were really looking forward to it. i think that is really stupid that you aren't allowed to be in any debt! if you think about it EVERYONE IS Fort Myers DEBT. again. creditors are not going after us. also we are in the process of planning our wedding so of course we are going to be in debt. WHO PAYS FOR THERE WEDDING WITH CASH NOWADAYS> so any info would be greatly appreciatle thank you!!

    It's not a problem if you have a small amount of debt but you have A LOT of debt. He won't be making enough to cover the payments on $40,000 worth of debt. He just won't. They don't care if you have a job or not, they are only looking at HIS pay. You are only his girlfriend. You don't even exist to the AF until you are married. He needs to make sure to tell them he is getting married as that changes things as well. It is highly unlikely he will get in the AF with that much debt. He will require all kinds of waivers. It is very likely that he would be unable to get a security Clearance with that much debt as well. The AF is very "in-your-face" when it comes to finances. You don't buy what you cannot afford. even once in the AF, they contimnue to monitor your finances. You can even be discharged for having excessive debt and lose any security clearance you may have. No, not many people pay cash for a wedding but many people don't put themselves that far inot debt for it. We paid $30 and signed weddings..couldn't afford it. We've been together for 12 years now. Not everyone has debt like that, the only debt we have is our car. We owe $5000 on our 3.9% car loan. No credit cards, just the car!

    It is irresponsible to go into debt to start a family. That's sort of the opposite of what you should be doing. Not everyone is in debt either. My husband and I don't buy what we can't afford. The truth is, your BF is not going to be able to join if he's got bad credit. If he's got good credit and is not delinquent on his debts then that would be a different story. But 40k is obviously not a mortgage and is more likely a bunch of smaller debts that are not secured or backed by anything, meaning if he defaults he doesn't have anything to give back to the creditors to settle the debt. That's not a responsible position to be in. The Air Force more than the other branches considers financial irresponsibility to be a moral offense and well as a security risk. Your BF would be better off trying to get into another branch of the military and getting his financial situation under better control and then trying to transfer. Another thing he has going against him is that the AF is not hurting for recruits right now. They are not as likely to consider a waiver for someone is huge debt when they've got a long list of people to choose from who are not in debt.

    If he is trying to get a security clearance it will be a problem yes. But what they're supposed to do is create a payment plan based on what his salary will be so that you won't be delinquent on anything. Everyone else is right about the starting pay maybe not being enough to cover the bills. One suggestion to you is to go down to the court house and get married before he goes. This is not to take away doing a nicer wedding later on but rather it helps you in many ways to be official on paper: He will get BAH (basic allowance for housing) while he's in training because his SPOUSE (you) will need that for rent. (in this case the extra money will help you continue paying the bills while you live in an inexpensive apartment The military will cover your medical/dental/etc because you are a dependent! And finally, you won't have to go into debt for a wedding because you can plan a nice wedding for later on when you can afford it.

    Your recruiter is lazy. I was a recruiter, and my roommate currently is. Unless he's trying to get a security clearance, his debt shouldn't influence whether or not he can go in. The problem will be, once he's in, if you miss even a single payment, or are delinquent at all, the creditors know you're military, and they're contacting your commander. He can get in some serious trouble if delinquent on anything while in the military. Its possible the recruiter is looking out for his best interest, because the E1-E4 pay isn't very good. Not to mention, you do know it's not just basic training you'll have to wait for him to finish, but also technical training in whatever he gets. During that time, he'll be living in the barracks, and he won't be getting housing pay. Depending on his AFSC, it can be a while before you're making enough to survive off of, and with that amount of debt, that can be really vicious. Good luck!

    Well, not everyone has debt. I myself just finished paying off my credit cards (I owed about $3,000, which is a little less than $40,000) and all I owe is my cell phone monthly bill. It's about the Air Force seeing that he had financial responsibility, which I'm sorry to say, so far does not look like he does. He can try to get a waiver, but the Air Force is really picky about those kinds of waivers (all kinds really). It's like previous posters have said: the salary of an E-1 to E-4 is not enough to pay off that kind of debt, and until you get married to him, you don't exist to them. Good luck anyways.

    Nobody NEEDS A FORTY THOUSAND DOLLAR WEDDING. I paid cash for my wedding..the ONLY thing that was put on the credit card were my favors..and that was because they were mail ordered. yes he can be denied enlistment altogether. the AF especially runs credit checks. Junior enlisted pay cannot support a family, let alone one with huge credit card debt. Now if the debt was mostly student loans or catastrophic medical debt, he'd maybe not get a Clearance, but MIGHT be allowed to enlist. People with lots of debt are more susceptible to bribes..selling their country out to pay off the ir bills.

    You have your priorties off. You dont need to get married at this point, you are waist-deep in debt. Pay some of the debt off. And, if you arent married, then how do you have joint debt? He has the debt, then. Maybe you should be the one joining the military. Also, the Air Force is very picky and they have an excess of recruits, so his chances of paying that off in time fort he Air Force to give him a yes is going to be smaller than if he tried the Army or Navy.

    Actually my husband and I have no debt and we paid cash for our wedding but to answer your question first I have to ask is all the debt in both your names? Since you're not married if some of it is in your name then it shouldn't matter. That much debt might limit his job if he wanted to go into something that needs a high security clearance, a lot of debt is a security risk. But I don't think it will keep him from enlisting. What kind of debt is it? 40K on a mortgage is very different from 40K in credit card debt.

    Everyone here is not in debt in fact I'd bet more than half the people on here don't have any unpaid bills. I wouldn't assume that theres so many in debt cause it probably just makes you feel like its an Fort Myers thing. Well its not and the Air Force is very picky so its a gamble at best. Tell your fiance to join the infantry thats where the fun is.

    If you're $40,000 in debt a wedding should be the least of your worries. And in case your wondering, my wedding was paid in cash. He will not make enough money to pay the debts you speak of, so yes it can be a factor. You need to cut up all your credit cards, make a budget, and go from there.