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    If I told you all that's been going on with their reps, it would take forever, just trust me that it's beyond incompetence to the point that we are about to be foreclosed on, and it is due to their reps giving us misinformation, we've now talked to 12 different reps, only one has somewhat known what's going on, and he even told me a lot of wrong info. Also, once we get this mess straightened out, is there a way you can switch mortgage companies?

    Something stinks, in response to your answer, you have no idea the details, we were switched when Bank of America absorbed Countrywide, BoA messed up our statements, I talked to reps at BoA and was given misinformation, we sent in what three different reps told us, they never cashed our checks, then sent them back with the letter saying to get them $5,000 by the end of this month to avoid foreclosure saying that the check amounts were incorrect so they couldn't accept them, the letter told us one amount that was higher than what we'd been paying with Countrywide, the phone reps told me to disregard the letters, they said they were incorrect, and to send in the amount we'd been paying Countrywide. There's been way more screw-ups since then, if you think banks can't be at fault for this crap, you obviously haven't had the pleasure of dealing with BoA

    Something stinks, has no idea what the hell they are talking about and should be working for BOA. The answer something stinks gave is the exact kind of answer you are probably getting from the bank. Full of BS and misinformation. You should start all of the correspondence with the bank in writing. Keep copies of everything and send the letters certified mail return receipt requested. Every bank employee that you talk to has a name and either an operator or employee number for reference. Get the name and number and use them in your correspondence. The bad thing is, most of the people you are talking to actually think they are giving you correct information and this whole mortgage mess is just as confusing for them as it is you. Go online to BOA's mortgage website and download and fill out the application for a loan modification. Send it in, certified mail return receipt requested or express mail and keep the proof that they received it. It will take at least 2 to 3 months for them to reply to that. In the mean time call the bank and tell them how much of a payment you will send them and when. Don't let them tell you how much, you tell them how much. Make sure it is at least what you were paying country wide plus a late charge. Look on an old statement to find out what the late charge is. Then send the payment that you said you would. They have to document every phone call, so it will be in your file the payment amount you are sending and when. If they refuse that payment, you will most likely need an attorney to deal with the bank. Go online and check the laws in your state on recording phone calls and if legal record all phone calls with the bank. If you must inform them first that you are recording them, they will not talk to you, so this will not be a legal option. In Hollywood you don't have to tell them if they are also in WV, your state may have the same type of law. Also go online and review and familliarize yourself with the FDCPA. ( Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ) Then you will know when they are violating your rights and you can remind them of that, when they do it. They really don't like it when a consumer knows FDCPA laws. Unfortunately, the only way to change mortgage companies is to refinance or hope they sell your loan.

    If all else has failed, sue. The reason is that if you sue a whole lot of different people get involved. I have not practiced law in the USA for decades. But you need a cheap place where you can be self represented. Talk to a consumer affairs department of the State you are in. Write a letter on top of the writ, when you have it served, saying that you just want someone to talk to you who can make a decision, so that you can work towards a proper solution.

    First you are being foreclosed because you aren't paying the mortgage not because a customer service rep gave you misinformation. First - can you afford your mortgage? If so, call BofA and say I make this amount and I can pay blank amount a month. BofA will restructure the loan and allow you to stay in your home. A good rule is 33-36% of your monthly income should go towards your mortgage. If your mortgage is much much higher 50-60% you can't afford the home. No you can't go to another lender if you haven't made payments on your current mortgage for 3-6 months because your credit score got hammered. Go to and put in your address and see what your house is worth. What is the difference between that amount and what you owe? If its a lot - you should think of walking away or talking to the bank about forgiveness of the difference. Good luck - hopefully while you weren't paying the mortgage you were saving the money for your next option.

    I've never heard of a mortgage company or bank REFUSING payments, even partial payments... I'd talk to an attorney about this... It will cost about $200-400 to discuss what options that you have... I believe they are pulling a fast one here. BOA is notorious for not doing things above the board. However, they are big supporters of a certain party. Sooooo, justice is often thwarted.

    The switch is called applying for a refinance at another lender . Whether re-fi or first time , smart borrowers Always shop several lenders . However , with the collapsing prices of homes , you will only be considered for 75% to 80% of CURRENT Market Value , Not your original loan amount . My niece ended up in a better house for less $$$ after they were foreclosed on . >

    GET THE NAME OF EVERY REP YOU TALK TO (FIRST AND LAST). If there is a band of america in your city, try going there. If not, do a mapquest and look up the nearest and try to go so you'll be there face to face. If not, just ask for a supervisor on the phone. >>

    I know what you mean...i was with BOA and HATED one ever what was going on everybody gave you different answers.......every week i had to call for overdraft charges i recieved when no overdraft had been took forever to get my refunds...ughhh just go and speak with a supervisor....

    Don't hold your breath!!

    A gun , you'll need a really big gun. Preferably automatic.