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    This summer, I became homeless and had no choice but to leave my university and transfer to one where I could live on campus. I moved two hours away from my university and was having to commute back and forth. I switched to online classes and the university that I was at failed to tell me that I had to order my books from an online bookstore. By the time they told me this during the second week of the eleven week quarter, they said that I would have had to order my books then and then wait until week seven to receive them. Obviously, this didn't work. I emailed my professors and told them to drop me from their rosters, knowing that they had the power to do so. I transferred to the University of Louisville and got all of my financial aid taken care of. However, when I went to receive my transcript, my prior university told me that I had an outstanding tuition balance of over $3,000. I have to have my transcript in by the 29th of this month or I face removal from the University I am currently at. What are my options? Can I take out a private non-student loan somewhere (my credit is NOT good at ALL) or can I take out a student loan and get it in a week? I have already written a letter and I plan on taking it to my prior university tomorrow morning, clearly spelling out everything that has happened over the last few months and how their people let me fall through the system and failed to tell me how to get my books. Obviously it is worded diplomatically and all. If my prior university fails to lift the hold, what other options do I have? Thanks.

    I am also on independent status due to homelessness and I was a ward of the state. The teachers CAN drop students from classes -- this was a small, private university and due to my homelessness, I had a teacher the previous term drop me before I made up the work. And technically I AM a student at the University I am enrolled in right now. I have provisional registration, which means I have about two weeks to get my transcript taken care of. My prior university had a physical bookstore and at every other university I've been in, they've told me that I can purchase ANY book in the physical bookstore. Don't ask me why this is one happened to be different from every other university in the state.

    Why didn't you take the initiative to remove yourself from the classes? I would never trust anyone to do it for me, I want a receipt from the Registrar's office that I dropped! So the simply truth is that you are responsible for yourself, not your professors. In college you are just simply expected to be an adult and ask these questions, where to get your books for example. I am not saying that it is right, but that they are going t put this all back right onto you, so be prepared. Even if you have amazing, long established credit this is a long process, you will not be getting a loan in a week. If you have cash try to set up a payment plan with them. They will not lift the hold until it is paid in full, sorry. You would have to sit out until you get the $3,000 paid, which is not what you want to hear, but it's the truth. Schools are real sticklers on this, they want their money and they will stick to their guns until they get it.

    Yes teachers can drop you but most of the time (or atleast every university ive attended or know of) they can only drop you when they are choosing to (ie: your not coming to class, doing your work, or your being disruptive etc....). Every other school I have been to and know stuff about if your wanting to drop the class you have to go do it yourself through the right channels and its never the teacher (they have other responsibilities and its not if you want to drop their class or not). Because of this your loans or grant or whatever was sent back and now you owe the school. Jacksonville Beach your teachers may have been nice and been able to drop you but because it was 2 weeks into a 11 week course you probably missed some of the deadlines meaning you still owe for some or all of the semester. Your school will most likely not release that hold because all in all they have policies and you either missed some dates, did not drop properly or whatever but overall this happened to be a mistake on your end. If they made special accommodations for everyone who ran into a rough time or did something wrong etc the school would be broke. You will need to find a way to pay off this debt so you can receive your transcripts. Also, you wont be able to get aid anywhere (or even student loans) until this debt is paid. Good Luck!

    You can not get a private student loan until you are a student. You can not be a student until you have paid off your balance. Your appeal is going to be denied. It is not your teachers responsibility to drop you from your classes (no they CAN"T drop you from your classes!!). You must do this yourself (usually online). It is also not your schools responsibility to tell you you are responsible for getting books (well duh!!). These are your options: Get a job, or a second job, or a third job and pay off your balance if you want to get back into school. You are an adult, so it is no ones responsibility but yourself to keep you out of the cracks. Again, if your letter is anything like you described here you will be denied and you will still be responsible for paying your bill.