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    I let this woman live in my house (I own) after she went through a bad breakup. The guy cheated on her after getting her in to lots of debt, so she got him to get tattoos of her name on him, and took a load of his stuff. She has her (only) friend around most of the time. They are both 32 and really hot. I'm 22. I do a lot for both her and her friend, letting them stay at my house (free, until she can afford it as she has debts), have loaned them lots of money. And i have driven them around a bit and other small favors like that. She is very flirtatious. The woman that lives with me gets me to give her full back massages most days and lies out and puts her legs over me when we're on the couch, and is very comfortable getting very physically close to me, like leaning over me and stuff. She's also very sweet and cooks and cleans for me every day. They both wear very little around the house. She's quite hostile to any girl i brought back, and one new girl 'dumped' me citing them as the reason. Even if my friend who's got a boyfriend flirts with me a little she gets quite possessive of me, like flirty but kind of a little bossy/demanding. She kissed me a while back, and we were well on our way to having sex, but then she said it was a bad idea and she wasn't ready for anything after her ex. She apologized a lot, as it was obvious i was very frustrated and annoyed (albeit politely), but i feel with how she is still very flirtatious she is teasing me. Also her friend is really flirtatious and sexual with me in a really dirty way all the time, but she doesn't mind that.

    You're lucky with these 2 in your house !! I know this type of girls very well .. 100% they gossip about you all the time when you are not there. but it depends on what you want, if you want to have sex with her, get her drunk .. 100% it works because it eases things and when girls are drunk a bit they don't mind to be kissed and F*** from a guy like you just make sure she doesn't notice your intentions. Bring a bottle of wine with dinner when you both sitting or choose anytime that you have male with her and make sure you drink first and lay on the couch like you want to enjoy watching a movie or something .. turn off the lights ..just one light on and pretend you want to have a relaxing night with a very nice movie DVD you brought from store or black bustard and don't invite her until she says can I join you. make sure that night is quite and her friend is not there. By the way don't have sex with her friend cuz this girl who cooks and cleans for you is better !! you'd better care first about who takes care of you cooking and cleaning then think about other stuff. Anyways, back to my story, as I can see you are a gentleman and I think she likes you but she wants to play hard game .. many guys I know they think that playing hards games back and teasing the target girl would ever work ... trust me it doesn't work for all cases .. like your case is way different cuz she lives with you and see her every minute. Anyways, back again to that night, make her feel you don't want her that much and you don't mind her being with you on the coach, make her feel you want to enjoy your cool movie and with you wine. It doesn't matter what you wear as long as you smell nice and fresh .. a bit cologne is around your neck and chest is good .. cuz as you enjoy smelling the girl's neck she does the same to you !! Trust me, she won't sleep and she will join you cuz in her mind she wants to tease you cuz girls love attentions all the time even if they are 40s ! so all you do, you give her some wine and drink some .. as soon as she finishes her glass pore more wine into her glass and for yours as well to make her feel you don't want to get her drunk. The night will go and it will happen .. trust me drinking with right atmosphere short things up between man and woman. Kings Point don't forget the movie shouldn't be action or horror ( I know people say horror is good so she could hold on you ) naah ! that's only at movie theater. Choose light drama movie not romantic cuz this might remind her of her x just some movie that is about dreams of someone or comedy. Movie should be long cuz long means drinks !! don't get too much drunk .. for me I go washroom from time to time during the movie and drink water a bit .. I hope this will change things. I don't want her to manipulate you and if she does I think you deserve sex with her cuz you sheltered her and loan her money ! but as I said drinking with right atmosphere short things up between man and woman. Good luck

    Oh are being SO used. This crap is all a put on in order to keep you where they want you, as in being used while she freeloads. It is so obvious that I am actually embarrassed for you that you really have not caught on yet. Giving them lots of money? Come on, how dumb are you? They are keeping other girls away because they know anyone with half of a brain can see what they are up to and if you have no girl, they are safe to continue to use you. You are young and naive and they know it and are taking gross advantage of you. She flirts to keep her right there where you can enjoy it. The sexual teasing is also the oldest trick in the book on how to manipulate a man. You are so young, how could you possibly know about any of this. Well, now you do. I highly doubt she has all that debt, I doubt anything she says is even remotely true. She is using you up one side and down the other and she has an accomplice right there to help her. You have been fooled. The question is: how long are you going to allow these chicks to use you and make a fool of you? I suggest you install a keyed lock on your door and put your valuables there because this girl already ripped off her ex and you are next. She is of questionable character and if you think she would not take more from you, you are sadly mistaken. Kick her sorry *** to the curb and stop making a fool of yourself. You have been conned.

    It sounds like these women are using you. They stay with you free, you've loaned them large amounts of money, you drive them around, you've done other favors for you. They have done some things in return, but they also are acting as if you are theirs, especially if they are acting to drive away girls that you show interest in. The fact that even the one with a boyfriend acts bossy and demanding of you is a clear danger sign - you are not in a relationship with her, and she should not act like this towards you. Based on this, it seems very likely that they are using you as much as they can, and that as soon as you start to be more assertive and question them, they will leave you for the next man who will give them whatever they want in return for wearing very little around you. Here's my advice: make them leave. They will anyways, better now than they bleed you any more.

    You sound 22. When you're 32, you'll get the bigger picture. They're both CT's, they know it, they've had many years of practice (as all hot girls do), and you're being used. Well, at least try to have fun while it lasts. Good luck! PS Keep your pimp hand strong and LAY DOWN THE LAW. If they don't like it, let em mooch off some other sucker.

    You are being taken advantage of. Yes it seems all in fun, but eventually you will get bored of all the teasing and the wallet being empty and begin to resent them both. She is territorial because she doesn't want another girl getting into her "sugar daddies" wallet. Her friend is okay because she can control her but other girls/women she can't. I suggest having them move on, move out and if then they continue to want to be friends then you know they honestly cared for you. If you have them leave and they no longer speak to you, again, then you know they were using you. Try it!

    They are using what they have to get what they want.. they're pretty smart actually, got you strung like a rag doll.. free shelter, free food.. what more can they ask for.. they show a little skin here and there and you fall like a brick building being demolished and the reason for her behavior is cause she don't want to lose out on free housing

    I think she may lie you, but bottom line is it is survival of the fittest, and now you can see how she does this. Just stop engaging in these sexual taunts. Just get her out as soon as possible. You're being used.

    Grow a backbone and throw her a** out,why are u putting up with that?she seems like a user.

    Wow dude. Come on. Take whatever they have of value, and leave the rest of it on the porch. Kick them out.

    You're being used.