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    Well there are many I won't give complete info but I'll give some... Naruto is a wonderful anime about a boy who is always underestimated and everyone thinks he's a monster cause of the nine tailed fox and he goes through many dramatic interesting adventures. I know ur prob. like eww boring cause I was like that too till my friend dared me to watch it! Drama, Action mostly and some romance,comedy200 eps + watch naruto shippuden after that (ongoin currently about i think 100 eps. Sailor Moon about a teenage girl who finds out that she is a princess and her prince is someone she really hates and they find many enemies in their hard couses one day darien forgets all about her from a magical spell. 200 eps anime from 1999 but VERY GOOD don't mind old graphics if there is. Differ. parts and seasons. Drama, Romance, Action,comedy Vampire Knight a girl forgot about her past from before she was 5 and a pureblood vampire Kaname saves her from a vampire that's about to kill her for her blood smells so good. A chairman adopts her and her childhood friend Zero comes along and she helps him and he's been beaten up by a pureblood if you get bit by them you turn into a vampire. Later when they are 15+ she finds Kanames her brother and that Zero will soon die and become level e vampire. 13epsDrama,sorta comedy,romance, lil action + Vampire Knight Guilty 7 eps currently but ongoing until season 2 ep 13 Bleach about a shinigami who gets saved by a girl Rukia and his family is in danger so she lends him his shinigami powers and this is a really good one too! Currently about 200 epsComedy,Action,Romance Zombie Loan a girl finds that 2 guys in her school have black rings around their neck and she is one of the only few people who can find things like that unfortuneately they're zombies and so she finds out they dare to kill her but they find she has the ability to see black rings so they spare her and they fight together. 13eps Drama,Comedy,Mild Romance,Action Zero no Tsukaima can't explain it's hard but VERY good well season 1 and 2 is but season 3 becomes sort of obvious. Inu Yasha is good very complicated to explain but a girl falls down a demon well and finds she's in ancient Japanese times and so she finds Inu Yasha very good plot just trust me you can wikipedia search on it.Drama, action, romance,comedy26+13= and thats how many eps there is Lovely Complex is about a girl who is above the average height of a girl and a boy who is shorter than he should be and they are like accepted as a comedy duo but really the girl starts to find she likes the guy she actually liked hated they are against it cause you know the height thing.Drama, Romance,Comedy like 26eps (I think) Ouran High School Host Club about a girl who acts like a boy for first ep so that guys won't like her that much and she joins host club and they find out she's a girl and they start to like her and go through a lot of VERY FUNNY COMEDIAC THINGS. comedy, romance,drama 26eps Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge ok this is a GREAT anime on top 5 on my list that a girl had her heart broken cause a guy she really liked said she was ugly so she turns gothic and crazy to love black and her aunt asks some really popular guys to turn her into a lady even though it doesnt work out she still changes a lil. Drama,Comedy,Mild Action,Romance26eps Skip Beat about a girl who really works hard for this guy and likes him so much but one day she hears him talking about her behind her back that he doesn't like her and was just using her and she gets so mad that she changes her looks and everything and tries to take on revenge by making her own debut which she is no good at particularlly. (ONGOING) Comedy, Mild Action I have more but can't think of any right now but enjoy(I'm not a good summarizer!)

    Trinity Blood, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Samurai 7, Rurouni Kensin, Fruits Basket, Trigun, Hellsing, InuYasha and The Third!

    Hello , "Samurai Champloo" or "Cowboy BeBop" , Samurai Champloo ; action, adventure, comedy, drama Themes: Historical, Samurai Age rating: Mature (May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence) Plot Summary: Mugen is a fierce animal-like warrior with a unique Bboying (break-dance) inspired fighting style. Jin has a more traditional style but don’t think of this as a weakness because his skills are amazing. The two contrasting samurai warriors are far from friends, yet their separate paths seem to cross anyways. Mugen is wandering aimlessly through the city when he stumbles upon a teahouse where he meets Jin and Fuu (A ditzy waitress, but don‘t think she doesn‘t have anything hidden up her sleeves). Fuu convinces them both to come with her in search of a mysterious samurai that smells like sunflowers and their journey begins. This modernized hip-hop tale breaks the barriers of the common, historical, samurai anime. " Or, Cowboy BeBop ; action, drama, science fiction Age rating: Mature (May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence) Plot Summary: Spike Spiegel, a bounty Hunter with a dark past, lives on bounty to bounty, barely making it each time, or not making it at all. His partners Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Ed and Ein the dog all help him in his adventures from planet to planet. " The movie ; action, drama, science fiction Age rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity) Plot Summary: As the Cowboy Bebop crew travels the stars, they learn of the largest bounty yet, a huge 300 million oolongs. Apparently, someone is wielding a hugely powerful chemical weapon, and of course the authorities are at a loss to stop it. The war to take down the most dangerous criminal yet forces the crew to face a true madman, with bare hope to succeed. " =^,,^=

    Hellsing Yami no Matseui Bleach Fruits Basket

    Ok, well you sould wach Yu Yu Hakusho, it is a older one, but its my favorite. I would say fruits baskets but looking at your other anime i dont think its good for you

    Fullmetal alchemist, black cat, trinity blood, tsubasa, D.N.Angel, D-gray man, perfect girl evolution, air gear, fruits basket and battle angel alita.

    Sailor moon (duh!), tenchi muyo, yu yu hakusho, those who hunt elves ( it's just for a good laugh), cardcaptor sakura, full moon wo sagashite, fushigi yuugi, figure 17, jubei-cahn 1 and 2, fruits basket, or golden boy (there's a lot of nudity but the plot is good).

    Vampire Knight is good. i'm not sure if you'd be interested though. it's a shojo and has romance and, obviously, vampires.

    Vampire knight skip beat

    Samurai champloo..a real funky show DRAGONBALL Z..CLASSIC Berserk...the dopedest dope that ever i think it's really cool. nice and gory. MEDABOTS..AHAHA Lake Mary SO FUNNY. some real goofy stuff