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    You are blind aren't you? You seriously can't see anything beyond your selfishness of entitltements. Page 29 Lines 4-16 Health care will be rationed. Only 5,000 PER INDIVIDUAL A YEAR and 10,000 per family HOW do you prevent things on that? Page 30 A committee will decide what treatment and benefits you will receive AGAIN...not preventative medicine page 42 Health care commissioner will decide on those benefits WHEN HE GETS TO IT page 50 Health care will be provided for ALL NON U.S CITIZENS ILLEGAL Lake Wales NOT page 58 Government will have real time access to your finances and a NATIONAL I.D card WILL BE ISSUED TO YOU Page 59 Government WILL have DIRECT ACCESS to your bank accounts for elective funds transfer will show you more about it. AND you can look it up to make sure it is right! this is not about health care! This is about keeping his promise to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA and that is the problem. It is nothing about wanting more for AMERICA but LESS for the people and more for GOVERNMENT WHO COULD do anything because they do not honor any rules or laws or moral conduct. Like the birth of most communist, socialist counties..... they make their rules as they go and change things in the middle of the stream...there is no stopping them. THAT IS THE DANGER! It is not fear tactics...but they cannot see TRUTH for being lied to for over 700 days ! They can't see the truth if it slapped them in the face. They want FREE STUFF and don't realize it isn't FREE. Have you seen some of the comments on here? Do I have to pay for health care? When does it start? WHAT? Where have they been and what do they think we are fighting against.???? If you think for one second this is about health have missed the whole point. People have no idea what is trying to be done Nationalization of education (student loans now are federally controlled), health care (federally controlled), cap and trade ( the whole west part of the U.S is now under federal government and not state government...bozo just got another 100 MILLION acres of land under federal government to PROTECT reservations...cannot do anything with it)....and now has russians and brazil doing offshore drilling on AMERICAN shores when AMERICA cannot)..this is federally controlled. EVERYTHING Is going to be federally controlled. Nationalization of banks, chasing big business out of the country..deciding when he will work on jobs to give you the opportunity to stand up on your own two feet and be someone......there is more but people do not listen. They think this is about FREE STUFF and getting even. VERY CHILDISH! This is communism and socialism and how it starts. They do NOT understand we have lost our voice and cannot speak up any longer because all laws and rules are broken and they don't have to listen to AMERICANS when they have spoken more loudly since the birth of this nation. They do not understand that their selfishness to want more entitlement and having their lives and your grandchildren's lives and futures have been turned over to to progressives that care NOTHING for them or you ...but just their MONEY! They are blind. This is much deeper than health care. It was just the catalyst to push forth their party politics and take down AMERICA! AMERICANS want change... but not WHAT GOVERNMENT DICTATES but WHAT AMERICANS DICTATE! Americans were shut out of this .....and it should have never happened. We do still have the vote...and come NOVEMBER we have to speak louder than ever before. VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS AND GET NEW PEOPLE Lake Wales THAT WILL LISTEN TO US! Dems are done...they are history now for decades. They will not be trusted to be the voice of the people any longer. The legacy that they are for the small people is gone..the legacy of the great democrats is trashed and most democrats that are true democrats are horrified and ashamed that their party is changed this way. There is so much fighting in washington among the democrats it isn't funny...but it is sadder that they didn't have the backbone to stand up to that fighting and for the people they are supposed to represent. The day of reckoning will come. Not soon enough...but we can undo what is done. If they can break the rules...we can too. Remember...the supreme court is not that happy with bozo throwing them under the bus and making fun of them and putting them down in front of the world on TV......they WILL REMEMBER THAT!

    1. It's going to be run by the government. 2. The government is forcing everyone to purchase health insurance 3. If people try to not pay for health insurance they will get fined or jailed. 4. 1/6 of the economy will be health care, so 1/6 of the country will be owned by government(not to mention all the other things they already own and operate). 5. The bill gives the government access to take money out of anyone's bank account. 6. There is a clause which states the government can price fix and no private businesses can sue(meaning the government can charge lower fees that are not competitive with the private sector) 7. Those lower fees sound good, but that's because they will be rationing health care for an additional 32 million uninsured which leads to... 8. Government will tell you what type of health insurance you may receive 9. Government taxing businesses and forcing them to provide health care for all workers and family 10. All small business owners will drastically cut workforce to avoid paying health care fines(We've already outsourced all of our manufacturing jobs...lets see how long it takes businesses to realize they can outsource service based jobs as well and avoid paying these costs).

    I understand this and so do many Americans. People that are making fun and calling us theorists is ignorant. Just because you are not informed Americans doesn't mean we are wrong. Look at my answers for other questions and you will see truths. The federal reserve gives us unnecessary taxes and made our dollar worth 27% less. This is called inflation and should be considered illegal but mindless Americans continue to support the machine that slaves them out to companies. Each dollar that is created means that we owe back that dollar plus interest to the fed. Banks must pay this back and so to make money they do the same to us. This in turn makes even more debt than what was originally created. Since the fed can make their money for free and make as much as they want they will only make our debt to them larger. Our money only comes from the fed so tell me how do you pay back 12 trillion dollars back when they provide the only source of money, you cant because that would just put us back into debt of 12 trillion. That is the point of the Fed, to create debt to america that is unplayable while their profits get bigger. If the debt was paid off there would be no money in circulation. It's quite easy to understand if you look into it. Read Modern money mechanics which is written by the federal reserve. And then watch Zeitgeist and learn the truth, not what our president says to make us happy while tending to the Illuminati schedule and not caring about human life. It's all about money.

    I would not call it a takeover, but since October 2008, the government has stepped into the banking industry, the auto industry, and now the medical industry into areas it has never before gone in such depth. Many economists have said that economic recovery would have already happened had the government not tampered with the free market economy. It seems that since October 2008, the federal government has grown exponentially in its control over things once held in the private sector. The so-called Founding Fathers warned of the federal government getting too large and this growth in the last 17 months is simply staggering. I assume this is what a majority wanted since they voted for Obama who promised change. Bigger government is the change he has successfully instituted. I believe that if the current Congress stays in power for 2 more years, the USA will resemble what the USSR and Eastern Europe threw out because the government controlled every aspect of their lives and now they are warning the US about the course Obama is taking it. Remember he said that he identified more with the teachings of Karl Marx than he did of Thomas Jefferson.

    Did you read the bill because it's not doing what you are claiming at all. I hope you don't have parents, grandparents or ever plan to be over 65 yourself because this being paid for by cuts in Medicare and many doctors are already not accepting it. My doctor had a sign up in the waiting room that said Medicare is no longer paying for many routine tests anymore. It's starting already.

    Hello!!! Having our choices taken away from us by mandating healt care insurance?!? The people on welfare who can't afford it, or more precisely don't want to purchase it, can still get coverage. Can you guess who pays for that coverage???????????????????

    Forcing someone to purchase something against their will is taking over in my book!

    Gun confisctaion, euthanasia, & microchips for's in the fine print.

    If you couldn't get it by yourself I cannot help you, go have more kool aid.