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    Im 21 and i have a 2 yr old daughter i work way more than full time usually 100-112 hours in two weeks at 9.81 an hour. my bills are; 144 dollars per paycheck for health care, 75 loan, 66 car ins, 64 cell phone, 30 credit card, 445 rent, average 70 pg&e, food ?, gas usually 70-80. on top of these i pay a sitter 200 everyother week and 60 to 80 the other 2 weeks depending on what i can afford. money wise i cant afford a real daycare my boyfriends mom watches my daughter during all these hours i work and my previous day care was open only m-f 6am to 5pm and charged 130 a week. i dont have a job m-f i work nights mornings weekends. i just feel very stuck. i make "too much money" to afford any kind of assistance but cant afford to, in the words of CAs assistance employee "come back when i make less money." what can i do?? any suggestions?? id like to go back to school but my financhial aid got messed up because of my legally seperated husband and 2 prior classes in which i got a D and an F :( i just need some advice on what to do an where i can get some help figuring this whole life thing out. hard honest work only seems to get you so far in this society these days

    I never said i was the governements job to pay for me to do anything. it's just piss poor when people who lie and sit on their asses doing nothing can recieve assistance, when im hard working and paying into it cannot. trust me i know a few personally! i wasnt specifically talking about government assistance either i just need advice on how there people out there do it who have gone through struggles have done it. as far as her dad is concerned were both far better off not having him in our lives, on and off again druggie drinkers dont need to be in our lives period.

    Go to a library and check out the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad", cut your extra spending and debt as much as possible and then when you have some extra money left over DO NOT get comfortable with it. Continue to live within the means you are living now and invest your extra money so it generates income. After a few years of investing and reinvesting the profits you should be able to relax some with a good amount of extra income that comes purely from investments.

    When you are young and have a child with no dad in the picture... it's just a struggle. You're not alone. There's a lot of people that are going through the same thing. There's no easy answer. I'd suggest moving back home even if that means you have to ditch the boyfriend. If that's not an option you really need to find a 9 to 5 job that pays better so that you're not gone all the time (they exist) and you can afford life a little easier. Consider janitorial jobs or call centers. The work sucks but it pays decent.

    I'm glad that you recognize the key to getting out of this situation is education. I'm guessing CA's assistance means you are in California. Many Calif college offer family housing (dorms for families) and oncampus day care. Find a college that may meet your needs and make an appointment to take with their admissions officers. You will have to do a lot of ground work to get what you need (subsidized school, housing, childcare, etc) but hopefully, you can get to a place where you can concentrate on creating a better life for you and your daughter. FYI - I hope you didn't add your additional comments for me. I wasn't insinuating that you think it's the government's job to send you to school. You are making $9.81 an hour, working your butt off, paying your bills. Common sense shows you need a "help up" not a "hand out". Otherwise you are going to be 29 taking 1-2 classes a semester still trying to get your AA, making $11.50. As a Lauderhill tax payer, I have no problem giving a "help up". I have big problems giving a "hand out". A question from earlier today, is still infuriating me: "I'm on medi-cal and just got a (dental) filling and it's not as good quality as medi-cal paid for 10 years ago. It was done at the same place". What the F&@K! 10 years later and still on medi-cal. And to the guy who says figure out where you can save and start investing... she lives in Lauderhill making $9.81 an hour on her own. Where is this extra money coming from?!?

    Ask your x has he been saying bad things about you! Try to see if someone has hurt your son. This also could be a sign! He is mad at you because someone hurt him!!! Just let him know that you are always there for him. Take him to your work, so he'll know where you are all the time. He misses you and this is why he is treating you this way! Then again Dad being Dad, there doing the guy things! He misses his Dad too! Don't get overly emotional about what he said. Look for facts ask alot of questions! Go into that house. See where your son sleeps and who else is in the house. Is the house clean. Is there food. You have to find all this out. Open the refrigerator. Don't ever Guesstimate! You guys split for a reason. Trust no one. Don't be a Beach! Just say hey Just looking! good luck!

    Not the governments job to pay your bills so you can go to school. Get the baby's father to contribute Child Support