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    I'm 25, this is my last semester in college, I will graduate in December with a degree in Economics. Lately I have been off the rails and I have no idea why. It's like I'm in a tail-spin and can't stop. I've lost 7k gambling in the last week, have stopped working out altogether, missed classes, and haven't slept for **** as I've been incredibly stressed about school, career, and losing a big chunk of change on top of that. Assuming I get my **** together and graduate, I'm worried I won't find a decent paying job. I have a girlfriend who I love very much but is causing my stress to get worse. Not to mention I'm worried she will find out I cheated on her 2 years ago, lost 7k gambling, and otherwise I'm a total degenerate. Jesus. There is a lot of pressure to get a good job, save up for a house, start a family/life etc. This has me stressed to no end. On top of this, I have two internships right now, one with a GREAT company, the other with another startup that has some potential. So there is a bunch of stress to perform well in these internships in order to get a job. Now - the gambling. I don't normally gamble, but this last week has had me so stressed I think I vented by gambling. That only made things worse. I could have had my truck paid off - instead I still owe 5k on that and 25k in student loans. I'm in shock that I lost that much money. It just became a number to me, not money. It was bad. I'm just so incredibly stressed lately I haven't been able to sleep well, I'm becoming disappointed with my body as I haven't been exercising regularly. I'm worried that my grades will suffer. Just a few weeks ago my life was moving right along very well, then it was like I just got ***** slapped and totally rocked. I'm reeling and need advice - It's like I know what I need to do to get back on track but I'm almost caught in this weird limbo where I'm depressed and have little motivation. This is new for me.

    Before this limbo controls you, the time is now for you to regain control. Fortunately you know what you need to do. After all the work and stress you've expended to reach your goal, you have the ability to regain your life. It's as if your goal all these years has centered upon finishing your education. That path had a comfort level for you. It was a known. Now you are confronted with what to do with it all. All the sudden choices confuse you. You are like a racer unable to cross the finish line. As you worked toward your goal a class at a time, now you must move forward a step at a time. You have some definitely troubling issues concerning your girlfriend. The time has come to be truthful with her. Either she will be forgiving or decide it's over. That will ease your present girlfriend pressure. The gambling issue is more pervasive. Turning to gambling as a stress reliever turns the stress into possible lifelong problems. Lockhart is helpful and a positive step. You remind me of a close relative whose life became obsessed with gambling to the point that he lost literally thousands of dollars, his home, his wife and numerous friends. He consciously deceived me and other family members to fund his gambling with all sorts of sad stories before we realized he lost it gambling and never will be able to repay us. He now lives on a limited retirement and FORTUNATELY is regaining control--a constant fight--through GA. Whether his happiness was personal or professional he felt unworthy. He subconsciously ruined it every time. Fight to regain control of your life before it worsens. Only you can do it.

    I was like that about a year ago. I was just smoking weed everyday. Eating unhealthily. Doing terrible in my classes and more. I just decided to change on my own. The first week was the hardest. But I started working out and by working out I also became more responsible and got alot done. My advice for you is to be honest with your gf. That is stress that won't go away. I told my gf I cheated on her and she was upset for a while an it took me a while to gain her trust back. But I did finally. You have to tell her the truth. And honestly. Nothing anyone will tell you will make you feel better. You just have to change your mindset. You have to be optimistic. Like "I'm going to get this job. I'm going to do well" everyone is focusing on making money and being perfect. I finally learned that life is really about being happy and living day by day.

    Your manic. You should talk to some one ASAP. Excessively spending money and not sleeping are classic signs. It sounds like you may have a mood disorder

    One day at a time. one step at a's amazing what we can accomplish little by little...