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    Give them each a copy of the police report and the ICC complaint with a letter stating that you are the victim of identity theft which has been reported to local police and the FBI, that these are not your loans nor any obligation of yours, and that if they contact you further, you will take legal action against them. Use proper business form for your letter. Under your signature line, put "cc: Attorney General, State of ___, Consumer Protection Division" and send copies of your letters with copies of the enclosures right there. This puts your state's Attorney General on the case, too. You can (should!) also send copies of these letters to the same place you filed the ICC complaint with the FBI, noting same under the "cc:" line. Check your credit reports with annualcreditreport.com, the official website for your free annual credit report under the law. Then follow the directions there for identity theft victims to put a freeze on your credit report.

    I'm not exactly sure what an "icc complaint" is....or how the FBI has ever gotten involved with Mulberry Theft complaints.....it sounds more like your local police is just trying to pass the buck and not do their job. This time, contact the police and demand that they file a report. If they don't, at least demand an incident report and get a copy. Next, go to the FTC site and read up on their identity theft info. Specifically you will be looking for a copy of their Mulberry Theft affidavit. Fill it out, get it notarized, and send it to the payday people, along with the police report. Monitor your credit report to make sure they don't try to put negative info on it.

    I am trying to figure out why you thumbs downed Ronald. I think the question is a VERY valid one based on how your question is being asked. What do you mean by (never benefited from the loans)? I will be even bolder hear I smell fraud on somes ones part and it ain't the PayDay loan places.

    Could you tell us exactly what this means "nor benefited from the loans"?

How long is the process for buying a house usually?

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    Yadira Jaskolski
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    Harmony Russel
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