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    You will likely need a dependency waiver if you get married before shipping. This can torpedo your enlistment if you have bills. Some recruits will have to show that they will be able to meet their current financial obligations upon enlistment. This includes: Recruits who are married (or who have ever been married) Recruits who require a dependency waiver Recruits with a history of collection accounts, bankruptcy, closed uncollected accounts or bad credit. A Recruit who is at least 23 years of age. The Air Force uses the “40 percent rule.” Any recruit who’s monthly consumer debts (not counting debts which can be deferred, such as student loans) exceeds 40 percent of his/her anticipated military pay is ineligible for enlistment. EDIT for Hayley: Mr Happy and Hoo ha? LMFAO! That made my day!

    Well your fiancé is not currently your dependent, and your unborn child will NOT until he or she is born. your BEST chance to not submarine your enlistment is to say and do nothing, and enlist, then marry her after you get to AIT. marrying her before will give her benefits, and you are under the 'maximum' number of dependents, so that is fine. that would be best to get her medical bills covered ONCE YOU GO TO BASIC - it won't cover anything while you are on DEP. the question is: how soon before you ship. if you still have 6 months before you ship, that should be enough time for your recruiter to do the paperwork to get your wife into the system and should de-rail your enlistment. but - if you are within a month or two - getting married will more than likely delay your departure, your could lose your AFSC, and if you go beyond 12 months, you will be disenrolled from DEP and have to start all over.. also: even if you can get in after you get married (and again, if you have time before you ship, it could be New Port Richey East - talk to your recruiter and ask), if you are in basic or tech school when the baby arrives - you will not likely get time off to be there for the birth! your job will be complete basic, and tech school, and those time tables are very rigid. short of a medical emergency or death - you won't get emergency leave for it, not even for a baby, because that baby will be born if you are there or not!

    Look I know you want to get in the Air Force but trust me it isn't the end of the world if you don't go.. But in the spirit of helping you. It (might) screw you over if you have to change your contract and delay you going to basic further. So that option is Meh.. I would say as someone else mentioned just ride it out get through basic 2 months and then get to tech school and get married. Since she is just finding out she is pregnant that means you are roughly a month in so you are gonna get dinged with the 1st trimester hospital bills. But not all bad.. I would say if you are going to go the honest route be ready for a wait. They will have to redo quite a bit of your paperwork and get it all re approved its not that they can't its that it is more of a pain in the butt then grabbing the next person in line. What ever you choose good luck man. Keep your head up and do whatever you have to to provide for your new family.

    Nope you are now a DQ... What part of enlisting as a Single with No Dependents don't you understand ??? Doubt that they will allow you to Enlist now...??? Strong suggestion....Make her do the Pregnancy Test in front of you... she refuses...walk away... I would also ask for a Paternity DNA test before I would Marry anyone... Have to have it done anyway for the Service... Especially with her saying out of the Blue that she is Pregnant... Seen far to many Young Troops get hooked into this BS... Two months after marriage they conveniently have a Miscarriage...

    Your contract must be changed. And that's not a guarantee the recruiter will do it. What did you think when you put Mr. Happy into her Hoo ha? Babies generally come out when you do that.

    You need to tell your recruiter if you plan on getting married, and more than likely you'll lose the AFSC you were just given!

    Talk. to. your. recruiter. That is what he is there for.