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    So I am tight on money and have yet to apply for many scholarships, but that is besides the point. I have been accepted to both schools, however, FAU is closer to home, which would enable me to live at home. But that would mean I would have to drive to school everyday and I am not sure when I will be getting my car (hopefully this summer) and currently my family only has one car, whereas, in Orlando (at UCF) I would only have to drive home on holidays and breaks. Now I really love film and I want to work in the film industry, however, I have been very discouraged based on reading online college forums and things, which basically said going to college and studying film is a waste of money and getting a job after college would be nearly impossible, so I put that dream on the back burner for a long time and applied to all of my schools as 'Undecided'. But, I still want to pursue this dream and I feel like UCF has a better film program than FAU, I'm not sure. (Btw I have had only minimal experience with film production, like messing around with my camera at home, following a bunch of YouTube tutorials, and a "TV Production" class at my high school) So here are my questions: Is pursuing a degree in film worth it (financially/economically)? (UCF or FAU) Which is a better school in general? And which one is better for film production? Would it be more expensive/worth it to live at home and attend FAU (driving to school everyday) or live on campus at UCF? Thanks!

    Well about your dorm problem, I said the same thing, the dorm situation always terrified me. However, once I decided that i'm going to be attending UCF, I did my research and their off-campus apartments are a MUCH better choice: 1. Since UCF is a huge school (almost 60,000 students omg) almost half of their students live off campus due to lack of dorm availability anyway, so you won't feel secluded, and thus there are also plenty of apartments to choose from that are actually really close to campus. 2. it's cheaper, because you'll be paying about $550/month for a 4x4 on average depending on the complex (utilities included -- for all the apartments near UCF) instead of about $3,000 at the beginning of the semester. that way you can get a part-time job and work for it instead of taking out a loan. 3. The floor plans for most of the apartment complexes are singles with private bathrooms (meaning you wont have to share a room or a bathroom), and individually leasing (meaning you are only responsible for your rent; your lease is separate from your apartment mates). 4. UCF has a free shuttle that runs back and forth from campus to each apartment complex, so that cuts down transportation costs. If you need more info go to and take a look. I just signed a lease at The Edge about a month ago for the Fall 2014. If you're unsure about your major, financially it would be a better choice to attend a community college and knock out your gen eds while you're still deciding. Maybe Valencia. It's cheaper than both UCF and FAU, and you'll have time to make up your mind about what you want to do. if you decide to go to UCF, they have the direct connect program with Valencia, if you don't, you can always transfer somewhere else. Plus going to Valencia will help you get a better perspective on what UCF may have to offer. Hope this helps, and I apologize for being so biased toward UCF, I'm too excited lol.

    UCF has a better film program, yes. They are also ideally located for film in Nokomis - right in the major production hub for TV in your state. In addition, since it sounds like your ability to commute from home might be iffy - and that would impact your grades - I am thinking UCF is a better fit for you. The thing about the film industry is that it is very, very hard to get a job on screen. But if you want to work behind the scenes, on the tech side of things, the jobs are more available. In addition, since you live in a strong secondary market for tv (Orlando specifically, but Nokomis in general), you won't be where everyone who wants to get into this industry goes (NYC and LA), which means it can be easier to get jobs. In fact, you could start out working on the local news shows in your home area, and work your way up from there, easier than someone in NYC can break into the industry. The trick is that while you are at college, you need to get as much experience as you can. Since you don't have much of a portfolio right now, that means finding out what you need to do to get into the major first, then doing those things during your first term there. Then you apply to the major. So in your first term, you'll want to take a film/tv production class, and get involved in student films and in the campus tv station doing *anything*. Start gaining experience. After you get into the major, you'll volunteer to work on productions locally, as well as on campus. You'll parlay all that into at least one internship for Nick or Disney or your local news shows. We can't tell you which is the less expensive option: UCF or FAU. You haven't told us what they've offered in aid. You'll need to calculate what each will cost you after aid, and that means adding in the dorm costs for UCF, and transport costs for FAU. When you look at transport costs, you must look at everything: gas, wear and tear on car, car payment, insurance, maintenance, parking. I have never known of a bathroom in a dorm not to have doors.

    Mr. Anthony, you seem to be texting to family or close friends that know about you personally. We do not know you personally. To indicate "UCF" and "FAU" via its acronym without writing out the name we have no clue what these mean. The rest of your anxiety driven posting is something you discuss with parents, relatives close to you, personal friends, that know you and understand your personality. You ask about a lot of things such as film studies or travel or finance as to this or that. Anthony, be realistic, please. You are asking invisible strangers personal value questions. Even the question as to driving or not cannot be answered without specific information. Anthony, you are addicted to texting and you are comfortable pushing keys on the smartphone. Sorry, this is incorrect. Not even close to being the proper path. Start with parents. As to the video experience you list, everyone with a smartphone has the same experiences. You need to understand more realities of life AND the only step towards that as of now is with your parents. Good luck.

    I went to the FSU Business School and loved it. We had great professors and a more than ample supply of recruiters on campus for when you're nearing graduation. From what I noticed, it depends to some extent where you want to live upon graduation. Though you can always find a job anywhere in anything if you look hard enough, if Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, or Orlando are the tops on your list of future places to live, you can't go wrong with FSU. We broke into the Top 50 this year, and with the growing endowment, we will only get better. (I moved to Ohio for a job, but had several opportunities in Nokomis upon graduation. I guess I'm a sucker for autumns.)