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    I'm a first-semester junior at Clemson. I have a good GPA (3.74, I've been on the Dean's List each semester) and I'm currently undergoing a class to get my CPR/Fist Aid cert. I want to be a Physicians Assistant and I need a lot of med exp. I searched constantly last summer for an internship, job, shadow, or anything. I never found anything - my doc was unwilling to let me shadow and I know no one in the field. I applied to several hospitals - the problem is that they have online apps and I never even got a phone call. I called these hospitals to contact a manager, they referred me to the online application. I was considering working to be a CNA this summer - 3 weeks of training, and the remainder of the break for working. But I fear no one will hire me to work around school-summers and breaks. Apparently orderlies don't exist anymore. Is there another direct-patient care job I could have? It doesn't need to pay - I have loans. In addition, does anyone know of any in Charlotte, NC?

    The best choices are EMT or CNA. As an EMT you could start as a basic and continue training in your off periods to advance your EMT status. Many PAs were EMTs or Paramedics at one time. The advantage is the diversity of patients and the diversity of shifts available to blend with your study schedule. CNAs are used frequently in home health and as patient sitters. You can do these in your spare time while in school. I found (while working on my bachelors) I could work as a private sitter for an agency from 11-7 on Friday and Sat nights and get several hours of clinical time, while not having a significant amount of my study time affected. Also by working for a temp agency, I made much more per hour than I would have working for a hospital or other institution. Good luck in school.

    Hmmm... I would go for your CNA or EMT. Both are a hop and skip away after you get your CPR/first aid cert... are you getting BLS for Healthcare Providers or something equivalent to it? Almost any job involving direct patient care will require this cert. The EMT class is usually a bit more intensive (mine was a semester long with 180 hrs of class and practicals and 60 hours of clinicals) and slightly longer than the CNA program, but if you want to be a North Lauderdale I think it might be a better choice. CNAs assist with activities of daily living, transfer pts, take patients for walks, take vitals... etc. EMTs can work in emergency departments or on an ambulance. In a typical call the EMT will have to assess the patient, decide what's wrong, and treat the problem. The reason I suggest the EMT program to you is because it offers more to build on and the skills learned in it are move relevant to a career in medicine. You can be starting IVs and interpreting EKG strips with another 50 hours or so of class. Good luck!

    CNA is a good choice. Check nursing homes--they're usually desperate for someone who isn't a criminal to work there (people just do NOT want to do nursing home work). Can also see about some volunteer work. Any community colleges in your area? Lots of time there are "career exploration classes" which MAYBE Clemson also offers that can hook you up with an internship you can't get any other way. Contact local volunteer organization (ask a local reference librarian) and see what is out there. There MUST be good opportunities, esp. if you'd do volunteer work. Good luck!