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    Okay im confused on what to do... im getting a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and a minor in political science. Paying for school is hard and i want to join some branch of the military to pay for school and then get out and do something civilian with the skills ive learned. One skill i want to learn for my degree, and while im in the service, is language. I want to get sent to DLI to learn Arabic! Im only planning on being in long enough to pay back my school because my fiance is also joining the military and we don't want to be apart all the time... but im willing to sacrifice being apart for the few years ill be in to pay for school and learn language. Im interested in joining a branch that i can go to school at DLI (for Arabic), not be in constant direct combat (im a woman anyways), I either will join now and go to school after (Im already a freshman), or do college first (IDK if the Air force has college first), and i want all my school payed for and to get allowance while im in school so i don't have to work at some crappy minimum wage job. IDK if i can do ROTC because i don't think officers can be linguists can you get a guarantee you'll get set to DLI before you join? give me some options and information of what i can do!! anything will be helpful!

    If anything i dont have to join just to go to the DLI... i just want join to pay for school.. but i dont want to be in direct combat... what about other jobs could i get.....intelligence or somthing else....... or would i be better off getting loans and the getting a civilian job after i graduate, making more than in the military??

    You can only be sent to DLI if you get that Job. you do NOT get to choose what language you get. you take the ASVAB first. IF you score well enough, you will be scheduled to take the DLAB. currently you need a 110 on the DLAB in order to qualify for and be offered Linguist as a job. there are also other factors that go into whether or not you qualify to be a linguist. Not every Branch offers College Loan repayment programn, not every job qualfiies for it and each Branch has a limit of how much they do cover.. the AF, for instance pays $10K. Everybody offers the GI Bill which , after 36 moinths of AD service you get 36 Montsh worth of vbenbefiots: which is basically the higehst state run tutition, books, fees and a Living stipend equal to E5 BAH with dependnets based on the school's zip code( only payabel if you attend classes in person.. NOT online) ALL contracts are EIGHT years long..and Linguist has one of the longest AD commitments: 6 years.

    Ok...I'll try to make this as simple as I can. There is only one pure "linguist" job in the military and that is the Army's 09L (oh-nine-lima) program that enlists and uses NATIVE BORN speakers as translators for deploying units. Every other job that requires language skills, requires those skills as a secondary skill to the primary...which is usually in the military intelligence realm. What does that mean? It means you will, for example, be a Signals Intelligence Analyst with Mandarin or Russian for example. So you will have to qualify for one of the MOSs requiring a language and pass the DLAT with a qualifying score to qualify for that language (category of languages). EVERY single MOS I have seen that requires a language ALSO requires a 6 year contract. For Signals Intell for example, DLI is anywhere from 8 months to 18 months (language dependent) followed by 8 months at Signal Intell School. You will spend the better part of 2 years in school BEFORE ever getting to your unit. YOU ARE NOT going to get a 3 or 4 year contract for that. And yes, you can do ROTC and HOPE to branch in MI...but I haven't ever seen an North Palm Beach officer go to DLI below the rank of Captain...

    You aren't guaranteed to be assigned the language you know. You may be assigned Arabic or Farsi and have to learn a new language entirely.

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