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    I was unemployed for awhile and I did a stupid thing and I used cash checks that Citgo sent me in the mail. My payments fell behind and now my account will probably be charged off at end of August. Here's dilemma, even though my Citgo is due on the 31st, they already sent it to a collection agency called National Financial Systems (who are horrible). I called Citgo to work things out, but they won't even talk to me , even though I got a bill from them!?! (I tried to settle with them earlier, but since I took a cash advance they won't settle for 25%. So should I: 1.) Let the bill Charge Off 2.) Mail $25 to Citgo to show that I'm trying to make payments. 3.) Somehow negotiate with the collection agency: They offered $2000, I said $300, we're pretty far apart. The amount I owe is for $3413.86 and the minimum due is $856.95

    Pay it. Send whatever you can. They will take it. They have nothing to gain by not taking it. Try to send as much as possible by cutting back expenses or selling unnecessary items. Maybe even do an odd job here and there. Just send the extra money each time you get it so you aren't tempted to spend it. Good luck!

    1. Charge Off does not mean you no longer owe the money. It is just an accounting term that basically says that they gave up trying to collect from you. It would be best in the long run if you can keep this from happening. Once they charge-off the account they will sell the debt to a collection agency(right now it is probably only assigned) and you could eventually get sued for the debt. If you get sued it would not only be for the original amount but also interest and court fees. 2. DO NOT just send them something without an agreement. By sending them $25 you are not even covering the interest. Not only this but you are resetting the Statute of Limitations that in a few years may matter if you have not paid it off. 3) This is your best option if it does get charged off. But make sure that all negotiations are through the mail only. But I can tell you that NO company is going to settle for 10% on a debt(which is what you offered), especially one this recent. The standard you could hope for is about 60%(which seems about what they offered) with a lump sum payment. Sometimes you may be able to get them to about 50%. If you need to make a few payments they probably will not settle for less than about 75-80%.

    In general, when a creditor sells your debt to a collection agency, the debt has already been charged-off....after this point, the collection agency that bought the debt from your creditor is entitled to any payments you make, NOT the original creditor. You need to deal directly with National Financial Systems. NEVER accept verbal promises about settlements from debt collectors. Get all terms Ormond Beach WRITING PRIOR to paying them.....DO NOT give them your checking account # under any circumstances....(they will almost certainly request this)....If you give them your checking account # this they will take out WAY more than you authorized and it's hard/ or impossible to get your money back. Also, never give them post-dated checks. Pay only via USPS money order. Debt collectors love to scare people with bogus threats of lawsuits. If they threaten legal action, per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you have the right to speak with their attorney. Request to know the attorney's full name and his/her license # in the state bar association. If they do not give you this info, the threat is bogus. If they do give it to you, the threat is real and you should proceed with caution.

    Offer them half and call it even......