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    If this is possible then essentially one could borrow money for a time at no cost. Just pay off card A with card B before interest is owed. I realize that of course the original money would be owed but I could use it for a time for free and shuffle the debt back and forth. I doubt the credit card companies would let this be possible but am curious so please enlighten me. thanks.

    Thanks to everyone for your input...I guess should clarify I don't have credit card debt at this time I was just wondering if credit cards could could be a way to get interest free money by transfering the debt on time from card to card and then put the money in a GIC or something and make interest but still have the principal on hand to pay back at anytime but hopefully not for a while if I could transfer indefinitely. I am sure the credit card companies prevent this somehow otherwise lots of people would do it!

    There's usually a transfer fee of about 3% and the money could be considered a cash advance which would result in a higher interest rate.

    I don't how good you credit is but if it is good enough this is how you do what you want to do. Apply for a credit card with a intro 0% APR on Balance transfers. You will be charged a fee. It have a max of about $75 most of the time. which is not bad it the intro rate is good for 6 months or more. When this intro rate is about to run out just apply for a new card. There are some things that you must do. Don't miss a payment, don't even be late with a payment, and don't go over you credit limit. If you do any of these things the credit card company will jack up you interest rate. Well this is how I paid off my credit card debt.

    Most credit card companies will give you checks with the bill to use to pay off your other bills. You could in effect pay off a credit card bill with one of these checks and the balance will be transferred to your new credit card...hopefully with lower or no interest on the balance that you transferred.

    I'll go you one better, find a cc who is offering you a 0% on transfered balances. This way you could swap it from card to card on more of an annual basis, rather than monthly. You'll have to make minimum payments, but you'll be paying directly against the principal rather than money being absorbed by the interest payments.

    If you get an interest free credit card and you want to pay off another card, you have to call the credit card co and tell them the company name and account # and they will pay it off. As stated there is a 3% fee with a max of $75.00. If you do it as a cash advance, you will pay higher interest

    Most credit cards have a 30-day grace period on purchases for interest. In order to avoid interest charges, you must pay off the balance from a purchase within 30 days of making that purchase. Interest is charged based upon the average daily balance subject to interest. As an example, you made a purchase Jan 30th. The billing cycle of your account ends Feb 1st and you receive the statement on Feb 5th with a Mar 3rd due date. To completely avoid interest charges, you must submit full payment for that purchase by Mar 1st as that is 30 days from the date of the purchase. If you pay the full amount on the due date (Mar 3rd), or do not submit a payment that covers that full amount of the Jan 30th purchase, then you will accrue interest on all or part of that purchase.

    You could do a balance transfer which most of the time offer you 0% up to a year, check out here you will be able to compare all major credit cards side by side.

    Yes, there are still a couple of card with o% balance transfers and no balance transfer fees. But these offers are becoming harder and harder to find. You don't want to be transferring constantly, but it is Oviedo to do in moderation.

    Yes you can it's called balance transfer. -------------------------------------