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    Okay so this is a pretty touchy subject for me so please don't answer I was irresponsible. I think I'm already admitting I'm at fault. I am a full time college student who pays for school completely out if pocket with no assistance. I can't get financial aid due to my age and parents income. After 3 years I have managed to get 11500 dollars in credit card debt! I feel horrible, because over half was from school expenses, but the rest was me being greedy without considering consequences. I'm trying to pay it down, but the company I have worked for for more than two years is keeping us on reduced hours and I now only make 15000 a year. I feel shameful. I don't want to be like my friend who let her cards go to collections. Her credit is a disaster because of it. What can I do???

    For starters, make sure you pay your minimum monthly payments on each of your cards. From here you have a multitude of options. First, even though you say you don't qualify for financial aid, go visit your school's financial aid office. There you might discover an option for a low interest rate personal education loan through your state, payments for which could be differed while you are in school at least part time. Second: lay out all of your bills at once. Match your cards to their respective bills, and really learn how much each card costs. Pick one of the following: the one with the lowest balance, or the one with the highest interest rate. This card is the one you are going to pay off first. If you can, double the minimum payment, but even a dollar extra will help. You'll notice as you pay on your cards that the minimum payment goes down. For all of your other cards you can reduce your payments accordingly, but you then move the dollars you would have sent them to the card you are focusing on paying off, thus increasing the rate of payoff. When you pay off your card, DO NOT close the account. Rather, you should use it for one small something a month, and pay it off each month. Also, once that card is paid off, you now once again pull out all of your bills and repeat the whole process. You should not ever reduce the amount you pay in total each month, unless you are debt free. I know it sounds time consuming, but you can project your financial standing by calculating the rate of payoff on a program like excel.

    If you're over 18, have Palmetto Estates to prove it and are confident you could try webcam modelling About 7 months ago I was in need of some money as I was made redundant. So while job searching I thought i'd give webcam modelling a go. At first I was unsure as I thought it a bit seedy but 7 months later I'm still doing this part time around my full time job. I work online about 15-20 hours a week and make on average £400 a month (paid twice monthly in american dollars). It's really helped pay the bills, do the food shops and occasionally treat myself to odd things. You are also able to block your home country or your local area so people you know will never be able to find you. I've also met some nice people on there believe it or not and have increased my confidence dramatically. There are many different categories that you can work in- girl, guy, gay, couple etc So if you're confident, have a camera (a mic helps too but not needed if not) and you want to work from home this is a good choice. You will need to provide a scan or photograph of some Palmetto Estates so you can verify you're over 18. For more details or to sign up follow the link Good luck and enjoy

    Have you tried applying for a personal loan to pay it off? The interest is usually quite a bit less but I guess with the current work situation, that may or may not be doable. My advice would be to do an application and see, certainly cannot hurt. Short of that, I think you will have to maybe def school for a few months and work hard to pay back as much as you can or juggle more work and more school (at another job if your company is not providing the hours you need). There really is no easy fix..

    Live on cash only from now on. Get a 2nd job. It's too late now but if your parents aren't paying for your education, you should have looked into becoming emancipated. Look, it could be worse. Some people don't learn this lesson until they are much deeper in debt. Yours is not astronomical. Look into Suze Orman's Young Fabulous & Broke. Watch her show on CNN, she gives good advice. Good luck and now is the time for a new start.

    I'd see a voters advice bureau first, they offer loose advice, even no matter if that is in easy words to point you in yet another course like a debt administration company. reliable success, i imagine that you're taking the right steps, and under no circumstances instantly into the style of consolidation loan organizations.

    The answer is simple in concept but difficult to do. It's simple arithmetic: you need to increase your income and minimize your expenses if you even HOPE to pay it off. That may mean full time employment and part time student. You're never going to get out of that hole making only $15K per year.

    If possible, declare bankruptcy, quit buying unnecessary items, become a hermit for awhile. Other than that your $hit out of luck.