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    My friends fiance and my friend have a child together, that has medical conditions. A couple weeks ago her fiance committed suicide. He'd been on mental health medication that he was trying to get off of, and change because it wasn't working for him and their family. It was making him depressed. The doctor wouldn't listen, upped the two he was already on and added a third. Two of which aren't supposed to be taken together. She came home from work one night and the police were at their house. He told her that his sister misunderstood something he said and overreacted. The police talked to him and left. He told her that night that he had taken one extra anxiety pill and felt great. The symptoms she was seeing were the same as they had been for the past week since the two meds had been upped and new one added: dizzy spells, snoring, heavy sleeping, confusion, slurred speech,difficulty with waking him, drooling, sweating. She took care of him that night as she always did, and he was responsive. Trying to help her move him around, since he was a big man. She had no knowledge that he had taken more than what he admitted to, one extra anxiety pill. Which she thought that one extra pill was making things a little worse than they had been. She woke up a few hours after going to sleep, to find him not breathing. She immediately called 911. But EMTS were unable to revive him. Since then three members of his family have launched a personal attack on my friend. They blame her for his passing. Even though he talked to multiple people that night (including two of the family members doing this), told only one person (his sister who called police, but he told the police he was fine) what he had done, told everyone else that he was fine and felt great, and she was at work when he took them. The three family members have made false reports to Child Protective Services on my friend, are trying to get people to back up their lies, when it turns out they don't care about the child or what happens to him. Just to get the baby away from my friend, since her fiance's passing hurt them so they want to hurt her. Also hounding the detective of the death investigation to charge my friend with murder, and telling anyone who will listen that she either had something to do with his death or is solely responsible. Also trying to take all property of my friend's, her fiance's and their child's. Claiming that since they are his family and that she and the child are not (they were engage, about to be married, and the child is his), they are entitled to everything to sell. My friend loves her fiance very much, they were going to be finally married in 10 months, so many things were about to finally happen that would have improved their lives. She had much more to gain from a life with him, as opposed to without him. Trying to figure out how to help her and for her to help herself and her child. She's cooperating with CPS, since there is an investigation. As of right now the baby has been deemed Conditionally Safe, since she denied all the false allegations, signed paperwork for them to get medical records. Yet the worker has as of yet not contacted the pediatrician or any of the contacts. Some people have advised her to lawyer up, she's called around for all the aspects: the items that have become the child's inheritance, the false allegations to CPS, and with them trying to say she killed him. I know they loved each other, and she would never have done anything to hurt him, and had she known what he had done she would never have stood around and done nothing. Anyone with any knowledge or input please help.

    She needs to get an attorney and sue the family for harassment, making false charges to CPS and defamation of character. She also needs to get a restraining order against them. Its time she takes her power back and fights fire with fire. They are pissed because he killed himself yet the only one to blame for that is him. But they need someone to blame and they've picked her. His possessions can go to his family if she didn't help pay and they aren't part of the household (bed, table, vaccum etc..) If they are or she helped pay, she keeps them. His car will have to go back to the family unless her name is on the loan or title. They also know that now they have no right to access to that baby now that he's gone. They're trying to get custody. She needs to sue them and then move away from their poison. She can also file for Social Security for the baby of the fathers SS number to help with support. If she has family, she needs to go to them. She needs support. Wait till CPS finishes their investigation or make sure they Pine Hills her leaving. But she needs to get away from those people and not tell them where she is going.

    Mentally ill people have so many issues. The blame for his suicide is only on him.

    Sounds like she is a murderer and you should make a citizens arrest to help your community and bring her to justice.