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    Nothing... !!! You absolutely can do nothing at all! If you think China shouldn't be in Africa, then what makes you think that USA should be in Africa? Why don't just leave Africa alone? USA is colonizing Iraq (or should I say Iraq is being invaded and occupied by USA?) and no one on this earth can stop that USA! How evil the USA is if it was because of oil and you - the evil American army did kill Iraqi civilians in their homeland! China does not engage in any war at this moment but USA does indeed! Which is the evil nation? Everyone knows USA manufacture a lot more weapons than China. USA owns a lot more destructive weapons than any other countries on this planet. By the way, most wealthy people are still US Americans - according to "Forbes", the biggest business organization is Walmart of USA! The no. 1 and 2 richest men on this planet are US Americans, so, according to your point of view, are they evils? Or since when Bill Gates turned to be a Chinese or moved to Beijing?

    First of all, the Chinese government has already reinstate that they are peacefully growing and wont threat to any countries. China's presence in Africa is mostly helping them to improve their economy by trading with them and exporting petroleum to China's booming economy. I dont know why many foreigners think that China's growing is a threat to them. Nothing has happened yet and dont guess anything that hurts China's image and think China is growing more evil. You never saw the Chinese government occupying any of the lands in Africa and never used military force there. Another good example why China is dominating is because America is focusing more in Iraq and Afghanistan and the recent meeting of ASEAN members didnt even see American high level presence in the meeting. Instead, China has been active in these meetings and cause more impact in the Southeast Asia. It is simply the American government didnt focus these areas anymore because of the headache in Iraq and Afghanistan

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    Well, first off, they are not evil plans, second, China has very little experience with modern warfare, third, China has no intention of pushing anyone around, least of all the US and fourth, you're nuts. Peace Jim .

    China is only trading with Africa, which is only helpfull for both of us. We are not colonizing or enslaving the people like what you did in the past. We are helping them to be strong. We are sending in millions of dollars to help them to build schools, roads, airports, hydro-electric dams, railroads and etc. Personally, I don't think you want Africa to rise up! You don't give a damn about Africa or how its people are dying everyday!

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    What can we do? China is our primary lender in the Iraq war, we can't attack our banker. I'm pretty worried about it too but it seems that unless our government takes a hard look at communist China, they will grow until their power grows out of control.

    China is not colonizing Africa, it's trading with it. You guys (Americans) lost your chance a long time ago.

    Oh, no! We ignored Africa and now someone else is going to cash in! Help! We didn't get quite enough slave labor out of them! Gosh! What are we going to do?