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    There is absolutely no way anyone can answer this question. The personal tax return (Form 1040/1040A/1040EZ) is a reconciliation of ALL income, deductions and eligible credits. You add all income then subtract "above the line deductions (student loan interest, etc) to arrive at your AGI or Adjusted Gross Income. Next, you subtract your personal exemption. You are allowed to subtract 1 personal exemption for yourself, 1 for your spouse (if married) and 1 each for any eligible dependents. Next you subtract either the Standard Deduction Safety Harbor the Itemized Deductions from Schedule A. Most people use the standard deduction. This gives you your Taxable Income. You now calculate (there are charts) your Tax Liability based on Filing Status (Single/Married Filing Joint or Separate/Head of Household). Now you subtract any eligible Non-refundable Credits. These are "non-refundable" because they cannot lower your liability below Zero. Next you subtract your payments (eg withholding) and any Refundable Credits. This gives you either your Refund (if overpaid) or Tax Due (if underpaid). If your Tax Due is in excess of $1000, you may be subject to a late payment penalty.

    How much of that was federal income tax? If all $21k was, you'd be looking at a refund of about $5,571 if you are single and have no dependents. If you are married and/or have dependents, your refund will be considerably larger. That's a large enough of a refund to trigger a fraud alert on your return since that's an unusually large amount of tax to be withheld on your income. That could delay your refund until the IRS receives your earnings information from the Social Security Administration, sometime in May or June typically. If that $21k includes FICA taxes (which would work out to $6,732 on $88k) then you will owe about $1,160 when you file. There would also be an underpayment penalty of around $6 or so.

    And out of this 21000 how much was really withheld as FIT for your advance estimated federal income tax amount that will be reported in the Box 2 of your W-2 form to be used as a TAX CREDIT amount during the 2014 tax filing season for the 2013 tax year. W-2 Box 1 88000 Gross wages for the 2013 tax year. So I used the 21000 as the FIT for the below enclosed estimate and purpose. FICA social security and medicare would not be refundable at all. SIT some of that amount might also be refundable. Single taxpayer age 25 under the age of 65 US citizen lived in the US more than 6 months during the 2013 tax year Your taxes are estimated at $15,429. This is 17.53% of your total income of $88,000. Your total tax payments for the year were $21,000. Your tax refund is estimated at $5,571. This puts you in the 25% tax bracket. that you find the above enclosed information useful. 10/28/2013

    On 88k income you'd get several thousand refunded if you had 21k withheld for federa income tax.

    Hard to say, single without dependents your taxable income is $78K, the tax on that is probably somewhat less than the $21K so you may be receiving some of it back

    Whatever you over paid after deductions will be refunded.

    New to employment? yes u will get some back. some 15% of your income u will geet back decades from now. some of the rest will go to pay your income tax this year. visit a library or for info

    You would probably get back a lot of it. Maybe half, give or take.