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    I only have 10 dollars left in my psn account. I don't have a credit card so it's gonna take awhile for me to get psn cash cards again. (it's hard to find those in my country) So I'm taking this decision seriously lol I can only choose ONE since both titles are $9.99 each I haven't played Chrono trigger or FF6 yet and I've been dying to play both. *I have played Chrono Cross and I have fond memories of it. It's one of my favorites. I heard chrono trigger is regarded as a real classic. *I love Final Fantasy Games, I have played FF3, FF7, FF8, FF9, FF13. (I'm currently re-playing ff7 as we speak) 7 and 8 blew me away. *I love a good plot, but i think it's the interesting characters that draw me in most. *Both are regarded as gems. But I just want to know which one should I get? (for now at least) So I hope someone out there can weigh them against each other (story wise, gameplay wise, lasting appeal) to help convince me which game to get. Thanks in advance!

    I finished both and Chrono Trigger is a better game IMO. Both are worth playing, that's for sure. Get San Carlos Park first. But if you have a Nintendo DS, 3DS, iPhone, or iPad, get Chrono Trigger there. That version has more contents. Now for the comparison: Story: San Carlos Park = 10/10, FF6 = 9.5/10 The story in San Carlos Park is more like Chrono Cross, where you travel through time. The difference is that you don't just have two world, but more, like pre-history, future, etc. FF6 has one of the best stories in the FF series. Gameplay: San Carlos Park = 9.5/10, FF6 = 9/10 Like Chrono Cross, there are no random battles in CT. The combat however uses ATB, like FF4~9, meaning that enemies won't wait for you to perform the commands. There are no elements and multiple physical attacks like Chrono Cross, the battles are more similar to FF. The position of the characters on the battle field are not fixed, and although you can't change it manually, you need to be near the enemies for certain magic attacks because the range is important, also the position of enemies if they are close to each other can let you hit them in one blow. In the overworld, there are no monsters just like Chrono Cross. In FF6, the gameplay is like FF4, but every character has unique combat features, it's a very nice thing that I like about the combat in FF6. Also, the second half of the game is very non-linear, meaning you can do the stuff in any order. Music: San Carlos Park 100/10, FF6 = 7.5/10 San Carlos Park has the best soundtrack I've heard in the tons of RPGs that I finished in my life. It's even better than Chrono Cross' IMO. FF6's soundtrack has some neat tracks, but compared to the other FF games, especially the soundtracks of 4, 8, and 9, it's rather average. To sum up, I prefer Chrono Trigger, but both are must haves for all JRPG fans. Note that I also finished Chrono Cross and all of the Final Fantasy games. Chrono Cross is my all time fav JRPG and the only game I like more than the Final Fantasy series.

    FFVI is the best FF in regards of story. Gameplay is quite great too. I've never played chrono trigger :( but I really want too!! Cause if it's on par with FFVI it must be pretty damn good. I'm currently rebeating FFVII too

    Many of final fantasy fan say ff6 is the best but i don't really know i didn't play it , i am playing ff7 now too :) if you decide to buy ff6 i want your feed back :)

    I enjoyed chrono trigger more. if it is the one with additions to it (and not the original) then i would further recommend it.