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    I don't know where you are but here in the USA we can't send electronics thru the mail to some countries and maybe it's visa versa. See china sells to our stores and then when we buy junk it already says it's made in china so I can't fully understand your situation unless you are living in a country other than the USA. Ok, so if we ever have a problem we would phone the place that was supposed to send the items, ask if they got our check and when and when they planned to send the items and how. Then we would calculate how long it would take to reach the USA. Perhaps going to where you live from china takes ages. You would not approach Western Union unless what you asked for and paid for was insured. If insured then someone would have to reimburse you if the items didn't arrive. If you didn't insure the item(s) and they are lost somewhere in time then you've lost your money. So first call the company you purchased from....and wait and wait.....and then contact Western Union and ask what can you do.

    There is no way to ever get your money back from Western Union. That's why only scammers ask for it. A legitimate online seller would accept credit cards or Paypal. Your only recourse would be to fly to China and spend a year pursuing this through the Chinese courts

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    This is why you don't order from china or japan, they can arrive up to a year later. Ring customer support of the website you bought it off, they should advise you better than us people....