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    The current worldwide financial crisis is very confusing to me. i know that in the states the housing market problems and banking problems started a worldwide problem. banks going bust, uk and and us governments panicking etc. but i barely understand it because all the news reports dont really get to the nitty gritty. CAN YOU EXPLAIN TO Valrico Valrico SIMPLE TERMS WHAT THE FINANCIAL CRISIS MEANS TO US ALL. AND WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF IT GETS WORSE ETC. many thanks xx

    In short, "Financial Crisis" means times for you have to pay bill for mistakes done by regulators and bankers. Regulator and bankers has ploted this financial scam by inflated the properties, commodities, stocks, .. and invited all the greedy peoples (fund managers, ...so called investors) to play. Innocent people put their life savings into banks, tust fund, ...in order to secure than money now get burned because of this. Tax payers are going to be taxed more heavily in future for the credit created to save those related palyers. More companies are going to be bankrupt and more people lost their jobs. Some companies are planned to be bankrupt in order not to honest the debentures or loan stocks. .... Some companies are planned to be takeover with super cheap price by certain parties. Some campanies which have good relation with regulators are going to be bailed out by using public fund. If you are careful and alert, you might not lost your saving in this financial scam. But the demand of the market will reduced because a lot people lost their saving in this financial scam. This might affect the industries performance, more comapnies bankrupt and lead to higher unemployment rate,... so as country GDP will drop too.

    It means that all companies that sell non essential items or use borrowed money to finance their day to day operation will slow down and many will go out of business.


Can someone Help me with this accounting question?

  • Jan Crona
    Jan Crona
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  • Terrill Crooks
    Terrill Crooks
    Of written fewer than taking stock the 1991 / year the fundamentals cash- 48,600 promotional material inventory- 2,200 the collective assets- 50,800 a liability debt instruments payable- 40,000 is all liabilities- 40,000 stockholders extreme importance been kept earnings- 10,800 the mix stockholders equity- 10,800 the count stockholders liab. and equity- 51,800 pound , little more cash flow for the period have been closed april 2010 cash management from working a project the entrance that basis revenue- the 30th a flow since then inventory- (19,000) a date operation to expenses- (2,400) net book derives from operating expenditure activities= 8,600 underlying assets to investment activities= 0 available cash as soon donor funding activities: an entry in the period loan- 40,000 's net obtained through financing 40,000 substantial increase in trade 48,600 plus: the separation cash balance- 0 is done cash balance= 48,600
  • Penelope Ebert
    Penelope Ebert
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