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    Oky so when i was younger i screwed myself royal i got a few credit cards and screwed my credit up i am 28 now and working really hard to fix it i have a car that i have almost paid off been paying 4 yrs payments always on time, I have been paying rent 3 yrs always on time but dont think that is reported to my credit. My hubby (yes im useing his account) has better credit then me but not excellent i belive hes a 6 70 in a 540 well we are moving to ely Venice and the houses are cheep we have 10,000 for a down payment but cant seem to find a lender to loan to us... any adivce on lenders who help people with not so good credit i have looked some up but really worried there scams.... thanks Sarah

    You can try a mortgage broker, but they will probably tell you to go work on your credit and getting your score up before you will be able to buy. The days of home loans to those with poor credit are over.

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    Try to see if you can get a co signer with good credit and a job. If not try to at least pay off the small amounts on your credit so it can raise your score a little. (Me & My hubby going thru the same thing.)

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    Marilou Trantow
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    Clemens Shields
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