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    I think it's a very uneducated and irresponsible statement to say that subprime lenders are the reason for high foreclosure rates. The subprime loan theory is a sound one. The "artificial" low rate is meant to allow the subprime borrower time. Time to repair their credit, build good payment history and then refinance. Granted many mortgage brokers and lenders should have better educated borrowers on how to do that, but again.. the theory is sound. To respond to the question at hand. You can get financing with a score of 540 but you will be limited to a loan to value ratio of about 85-90%. The rest of the value you will have to put down as a downpayment. FHA may be an option for you. As long as you can verify last 2 years rental history, have 2 years verifyable work history and okay income, and less than $5,000 in collections or chargeoffs showing on your credit. IF you meet those criteria I could get you an FHA loan no problem. They only require 3% down paymnet and it can be a gift from a relative or from the seller. Feel free to contact me if you need more information or help... chrisburns@fivestarsmortgage.com

    There are, but you need to ask if you seriously want one of these. Subprime lenders are causing an increase in mortgage foreclosures of approximately 30% just this year. They lend at an initially artificially low rate, which you can barely afford. In a year's time the rate adjusts, and it is always upward. Now you are in trouble and are looking at losing everything. I suggest if your finances are that bad, that you continue to rent for anywhere from 3 to 5 years while you clean up your credit (an increase in your credit score means a much better rate for your mortgage) and set some money aside for a larger down payment. Then you will be able to borrow less at a better rate, greatly increasing your savings.

    Try a mortgage broker, they can help you find a lender to get approved for a bad credit home loan. I will warn you that you will be required to put down a larger down payment and pay a premium interest rate.

    Oh yes there are lots of loans out there for that you would have to go to a mortgage broker to get them if u were in the state of Venice I could help you alot of my clients are just like you

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    Before you go with anyone, check out who they are and their license status. I am a Licensed Loan Officer with a wholesale mortgage broker, and you can e-mail or IM me with any questions you might have.

    There are lots of mortgage places who would love to hook you. Look at a lot of them to get the best deal or percent.

    Yes you can get a mortgage but with that score your gonna have a high apr

    Sub-prime lenders will, but they are drying up. You don't want to go with them anyway. Don't buy now; build your credit up, and save for a larger down payment.

    That is what FHA is for... They will guarantee most of the loan to keep you interest rates out of the subprime category...

What do you think about Primerica? I need guidance. Thank you.?

  • Arnulfo Pfannerstill
    Arnulfo Pfannerstill
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  • Maria Herzog
    Maria Herzog
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  • Miller Pouros
    Miller Pouros
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    Darrel Hudson
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