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    A few years ago, My parents had the bright idea to Co-Sign a car loan with me to help establish and build my credit before College. I was over 18 at the time, but unfortunately they couldn't finish making the payments and didn't let me know because they felt embarrassed. I now know this, and on my credit report, the car has been charged off which i understand is the worst possible thing. My question is, Is there any way to transfer the Charged Off car loan delinquency to my parents since they also co-signed the papers. I have talked to them about this and they totally agree with it because they understand it would be better for them to have this on their report than me and I cannot afford to have this on my credit report as I am now about to graduate college, and this is the time when I need it the most. Thank You

    Auto finance is what I do for a living and sorry to say but no there is no legal way to get out of being responsible for this debt. Good luck.

    "pay to delete" is history. The credit bureaus put an end to it. Creditors who do it can lose their contracts with the credit bureaus. Deletes are for errors only and this wasn't an error. At 18, while you were still a financial baby, you became an adult and your signature became a dangerous thing. Your wording is scary. Did you buy the car for you or for them? Who was driving the car? Who was making the payments? Who cosigned whom? Why would you buy a car in your name, put a loan in your name and expect them to pay for it if it was your car? Or was this buying a car for themselves and trying to get around their own bad credit by using yours? If the latter, get your credit report and look for other accounts they may have opened in your name to "help you."

    No, that's not the worst possible thing. The worst possible thing would be having nothing on your credit report. If this is the only thing on your credit, and you get it off your credit report, that will make things worse, not better. Fortunately for you, you can't get it off of your credit report. You can't "transfer" something from one credit report to another. Also, when someone cosigns and it doesn't get paid, it goes on both credit reports, yours and theirs. Even if it was possible to "transfer" a debt from one credit report to another, which it's not, you still couldn't move it to theirs, because it's already on theirs, as well as on yours.

    There is no way you could have it removed. The charge/off is under your parent's name as well. The only problem I see is why they never called you about the car note. Your option is to call the bank and ask if they could write up a new loan for the deficiency balance. Be nice but just ask why they never called you or sent and notices.

    It's on their credit too I promise. Since both you and they signed the note it stays with all of you. Only way to fix it is to ask creditor for a "pay to delete" which they may or may not agree to do. Basically you ask them to put in writing that if you pay the balance they will delete from the credit bureau.

    As a legal co-signer it was your responsibility to make sure the payments were made. Granted your parents should have told you if they were having trouble making the payments but it ultimately is your responsibility so I call B.S. on your parents ruining your credit. You are just as much to blame as they are and will now have to shoulder the responsibility of your inactions. Good luck.

    When you signed the loan agreement, you took equal responsibility for making sure that the loan was paid. Sorry.

    If they co-signed it's already also on their credit reports funny how they have no clue about this,, especially since all 3 reports are free yearly equifax.com, experian.com, transunion.com maybe your parents could get their reports and look at them? hmm?

    Not really any way to fix it, no. It IS on their credit reports, AND on yours.

    Nope. You're both stuck with it. This is why co-signing sucks and should be avoided at all costs.

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