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    I purchased a used vehicle last year through Roadloans. I've paid off 3 car loans without ever being late, and have very good credit. (750) Despite my perfect standing with Roadloans, their policy is one car per household. (Whatever that's about.) So, I'm looking for another good option. Does anyone have any good or bad stories to share? I opted not to use Eloan in the past because their rates weren't as good. But, would consider them. I could try a local bank, too. Roadloans made it a long, painful process. Would love to avoid that. But, I do want to get a good rate. Would love to hear any suggestions, stories, experiences. Thanks!

    Road is affiliated with CapOne, but Cap One makes all kinds of loans as well. Also try lendingtree.com for a good source. eloan has been good for the people I referred in the past, so it may be goo dto give them another go. Just be aware that there is a huge credit crunch right now. Banks are getting more conservative than the past. with a 750 and paid auto , you shoul dbe Vero Beach South though.


    My score is less than yours and I got a used rate of 6.4% with capital one. I also have more than one car loan. I had a blank check in less than a week after applying for the loan online. Also eloan has stopped doing car loans and will refer you to road loans

    I stumbled upon freecarloansearch.com They kinda like provide different auto loan offers. If you're scouting for car loan offers, maybe this site could help you.

    Chase Bank has great rates! Good luck!!! :)

I'm 15 years old and I'm trying to get a car to drive to school..?

  • Adrienne Nolan
    Adrienne Nolan
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  • Josephine Kshlerin
    Josephine Kshlerin
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  • Gregory Bednar
    Gregory Bednar
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  • Sean Fahey
    Sean Fahey
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  • Jason Deckow
    Jason Deckow
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