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    My wife and I both have good jobs, and combined we bring in $52,000 a year before taxes. We live in Rocky Mount, Vero Beach South and currently pay $725 dollars a month for rent. . We feel we are stable enough to purchase our first home. I know you normally need good credit, and a hefty down payment for this to happen. We dont have any money saved for a down payment but could scrape together about $1,000. I have been reading about 100% financing, but what does this really mean? My wife works for a bank and has explained to me that we cannot and will not do an ARM loan. Will going to different lenders ruin my beacon score, like when you look for a car? Would a housing program help us out? Will any banks take a chance on us? Please help! I would like to begin the process of home ownership before our second child comes in January. All advice is welcome. The Facts: 1. Both Husband and wife have credit scores below 520 2. Combined income $52,000/yr. 3. $725 in rent 4. Baby on the way

    First, a house is a good idea, because you are investing instead of making someone else rich. But a mortgage with a low down-payment is not the best idea : you'll pay too much interests. You'll be paying at least 350,000$ for a 150,000$ house. You better target a 2-year plan, where you'll save money every month (exactly what you'll have to do with a house - in case of urgent works needed). And you'll clean your credit score by paying back old debts if possible. In 2 years, you'll be strong when asking for a mortgage with a 10,000$, maybe 15,000$ cash down and a better credit score. Good luck !

    A credit score as low as 520 and no down payment won't get you too far in purchasing a home. My advice to you is to work to bring up your credit score and save for a down payment. Many mortgage companies have programs through their credit reporting companies to give you a plan of action to bring up your credit score (which credit cards to pay off first and/or close etc). You must pay everything on time to start and you should be saving some money. Consider what your mortgage payment will be, if you have no money saved at this point and your mortgage payment is more than your current rent payment, then how will you be able to make your mortgage payment? (this is commonly referred to as payment shock) It's a good idea to make a pretend mortgage payment every month to your savings account. So if you expect your mortgage to be $1,000 per month, pay the $725 to your rent and $275 to your savings. This is a good way to get comfortable with an increased payment and save some money. Depending on your discipline, you may increase your scores and savings enough to get into a house by January, but it will take a lot of work. Keep trying! On a side note, beware of subprime loans (loan for those with poor credit). Although they are good for some, they are getting a lot of bad press lately, because mortgage lenders are abusing them. Check out my blog at www.mortgagetruthandinfo.blogspot.com

    Yes, making multiple applications for credit will hurt your credit score. Every time a lender checks your score, it takes a few points off your score. Some internet lenders will sell your information to other lenders, who all check your score. You need to take some time to repair your credit and save for a down payment. You may feel you are stable enough to purchase, but you have nothing saved and low credit. I'm afraid if you do get a loan, the interest rate will be high. And you will have no equity in this house in case you get in trouble. Please just take some time to get in better financial shape before you buy.

    You can look around for a for-sale-by-owner and deal direct with them disclosing all. or you can put more down to get you under the 80% balance and usually there is a mortgage broker out there that will find you a loan. or you can buy on contract and formally take it over when the property gets to 70-75% and you're more established in the credit field. Or you can find a good RE broker that with the help of a good mortgage broker can get you an 80-10 & 10 loan. 80% by the bank, 10% down & 10% held in 2nd position by the seller. If the RE & Mortgage B really want to help, they can make arrangements to carry back some of their commissions to make the deal fly and secure the funds with a side note or 3rd & 4th positions on the property on short term notes. so there you go, now go out there and buy a home and have a beautiful life with your newborn.

    How about a lease puchase or a rent to own??? that would give you 12 months to show you can make payments on time and work on your credit score. lots of for sale by owner houses will sell on a lease purchase or rent to own contract.

I need to buy a used car immediately, for cash, and can only spend about 3,000-4,000-what kind should I get?

  • Isaiah Schowalter
    Isaiah Schowalter
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  • Taryn Will
    Taryn Will
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  • Robert Brakus
    Robert Brakus
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  • Clemmie Sawayn
    Clemmie Sawayn
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    Rosemarie Mante
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    Willis Denesik
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    Cale Marquardt
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    Hadley Bins
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    Marques Leffler
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