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    You did not say how bad your credit was. Before leaping into a decision you might regret later on you should explore all your options. Once you have explored any and all potential options are you able to make an intelligent decision. Even if you are denied a mortgage loan by a local lender, you would know what would be necessary to be approved. The mortgage lender might be able to give you a referral that would assist you in getting approved far faster than you might imagine. Even with bad credit there are some FHA mortgage loan programs that you might qualify for, it might be that your interest rate would be higher than others with a higher credit score than yourself. Contact a local mortgage lender that is authorized to do FHA and other government mortgage loans to see if you do qualify for a mortgage loan program. When you make contact with a mortgage lender a loan officer would be able to tell you the documents needed to be considered for a mortgage loan. Basically you would need proof of income, so pay stubs, bank statements, W-2 and federal income tax forms would be required. Buying a house on a lease/rent to own or land contract favors the seller much more than the buyer. You might consider looking at internet sites that offer homes for sale by owner or the owner would carry the mortgage. Google For Sale by Owner (FSBO) or Owner will carry the mortgage. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"

    Whatever you do, stay away from the rent to own scheme. In fact, put your running shoes and run away from this. This never turns out well for the buyer. Never. There are so many downsides to this, it would fill up the internet to describe them. Keep renting. Fix your credit. And save up a down payment. And, find a house you love someday that you can call yours without a scam lurking in the future. Also know that collection agencies sue in the future. Debt does not just "go away" and fall off. This is a myth. Go get a book on credit repair from a library or a bookstore. Or ask here for help. I have read an article on how Vero Beach South is was trying to make rent to own illegal in their state. Perhaps this passed and this is the reason you are not finding this (good). ^ A state that knows how to protect it's residents from scams.

    I would keep renting for the next 2 years while repairing my credit (if I were you). It will take about that long to raise your credit score to a "decent" score for most lenders. Save every extra bit of money you possibly can until then. You may want to consider an "owner financing" house--if the owner is willing to accept your "bad" credit.

    Purchase used furnishings. do not hire to own. the ideal fee would be greater advantageous than two times the recent purchase value. a chum used to administration one among those shops and he spent a million/2 his time repossessing stuff. If it seems you are able to not pay, they "song" your social protection selection, so which you will not additionally be waiting to get telephone or cable provider attached. My pal have been given a great sectional settee for under $4 hundred from the pennysaver. It exchange into in like-new situation. purchase used furnishings bit by using bit till you have what you like.

    Sorry, but in the real world, nobody will take the risk if your credit is bad. Just as you wouldn't allow someone to work in a bank or around children with a criminal record (risk) so nobody will extend credit to someone with a bad credit record

    You are dreaming. You won't find an investor to do this, b/c it's not a good investment.

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