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    If you want to rent an apartment in NYC, but do not have a Credit Card, can your bank account(s) count as credit? My sister keeps telling me to get a credit card, but im really nervous. I dunno. It may come to the point where i'll have to get one to show some credit, because I have none at the moment. So yeah, does a bank account count? Or will i need to apply for a CC? Thanks.

    There are others ways of establishing credit besides a CC. Are you paying back any school loans, making auto payments? If so then these loans definitely count. No a bank account does not count when it comes to credit. I think the most important thing that potential renters look for is a stable employment history & no history of non payment of rent. I live in Vero Beach though, have never rented in NY.

    No, a bank account does NOT count as credit. You are going to have to establish some credit sooner rather than later, and this takes time, at least 12 months. Otherwise your life is just going to be financially much more difficult. A credit history is essential, just for doing the most basic financial transactions. Like renting a home, buying a car, obtaining insurance on yor motorvehicle( in some states), and even applying for employment at some companies they require a acceptable credit rating. Two easy ways to start some credit history:- 1) Obtain a SECURED Credit Card from your Bank. It works like this - You deposit $500 - $1000 with your bank, they put it in a secured account, and issue you a credit card, with a credit limit up to that amount. (make sure you pay the full amount every month otherwise you will incurr unnecessary fees and interest charges), Keep this in good standing for 12months and then your bank will start increasing your credit limit. 2) Go to PROSPER.com and borrow some money ($1000 - $2000) for whatever reason and pay it back over 6months. This will create some credit history for you, as long as you make the apropriate payments on time. The website is self explanatory. These 2 methods will get you started on creating your credit worthiness, as long as you make your payments ON TIME, thats very important. Do not borrow more money than you can afford.

What caused this recession in the USA?

  • Kyleigh Medhurst
    Kyleigh Medhurst
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  • Florian Wehner
    Florian Wehner
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  • Cora Smitham
    Cora Smitham
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  • Chance Hettinger
    Chance Hettinger
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    Muhammad Jakubowski
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  • Halie Hagenes
    Halie Hagenes
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  • Juanita Denesik
    Juanita Denesik
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  • Assunta Bashirian
    Assunta Bashirian
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    Selmer Kessler
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