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    Afternoon, I have a question and need some clarity. I will be moving in with my fiance before our child is born Jan 2012. The problem is, we both equally have great paying jobs and there is no risk of being laid off, and we can afford the rent. The problem comes in with credit, he has bad credit and I have no credit. I never took out a loan, never made car payments. Nothing, because I always was a cash person. I was recently told that no credit is just as equal as bad credit, and that I should take out a prepaid credit card, but I am really against credit cards..with moving in with have to have an Vero Beach score or else we will face not getting the place or having to pay a higher rent or paying the first month's rent as the security deposit. Is there anyway to achieve a good credit score from now until Jan without having to take out credit cards and loans? I pay all my bills on time, I don't overdraft and I only have two accounts one checking with BoA (sadly) & a savings credit union. He doesn't bank with anyone because he closed them all down. Any tips of this issue?

    Let me start with your second paragraph. It depends on "where" you rent (specific places) and we're talking about apartments and not home rentals, that determines if you will pay first and last months rent when you pay the current rent to get into an apartment, it doesn't depend on your credit. One thing I don't think you realize is that if you make good money then the leasing agent will be trying to upsell their apartments in that you might ask for a one bedroom and they will insist that you need a two or three bedroom saying no others are available (and it's not because you need it but it's because they want more of your money). If you're in the USA you could overcome a bad credit report by simply having a good paying job and being there on the job for a couple of years. So credit doesn't come into play and certainly doesn't come into play if you're already a resident of that community because they know you or know of you. If you're moving in with your fiance (is he in an apartment or a rented home?) then the landlord should know you're expecting because they will probably raise the rent for 3 individuals instead of 2. Remember though you'd be off from work for a time to be with yur child and from there on you'd need a nanny of sorts so you might want to consider a non-working relative for that job. Yes you're correct in that no credit is just as bad as having no credit. And closing down credit cards is a bad thing to do as well. What gives you a good score is to have credit, use it, and keep it at half, like say you have $1000 allowed then keep it under $500 to have a good credit score. When you go to buy furniture for the baby you can either go to a furniture place that would open a visa credit card for you so that you could buy their furniture, so then pay that in monthly increments. Do not get a secured credit card (you don't need that, you need an unsecured credit card). It's better to carry a card (whether it be debit or credit or both) than to carry cash. It will come in handy after you have your baby. Emergencies will crop up, they just do with having children.

    Sorry to say unless you have credit you can not attempt to achieve any type of score. Bank accounts are not credit. Credit is essentially borrowed money so you will need a loan of some type, a credit card, etc Since you have no credit it will be equally as hard as having bad credit. A secured credit card is your best bet to establish .. you control your limit because it will be your own money to use ... if you apply for an unsecured card you will probably get a low manageable limit lets say $300 or so .. you can use that to buy small things like gas and just pay it off when the bill comes. Overall your going to have to take a loan whether its personal loan, auto loan, etc or a credit card of some sort to get started. Household bills, bank accounts, cell pohone bills anything of this nature will not effect your credit rating unless you stop paying them and they go to collections in which case you'll have bad credit not good credit Good Luck

    Well... I hate to break it you. You need information in the computer to get a credit score. I managed a credit agency. I had a sad couple that paid all their lives in cash and could not get a cell phone because of no credit history. I'll give you the same advice. Feed the computer. Easiest place to get credit is department stores. Buy something you would normally buy. When the bill comes pay it off immediately. Never use the card again. The computer will show you as having credit and a perfect payment history. That should get you started.

    You'll be able to instanly acquire an advance payday loan as much as $1000 using this service: I acquired the payday loan despite the fact that I had really bad credit score.

    I have no tips for you unfortunately, however, I do have experience in this matter. My partner and I recently started renting a flat, we both have NO credit to speak of but they accepted us because they took a guarantor - which is basically someone who will agree to take on responsibility of rent if you can't pay up, which you obviously can. The guarantor needs to be someone who owns a business or a house. Speak to an estate agents and see if this is possible for you.

    You can instanly find an advance payday loan up to $1000 using this service: I obtained our payday loan although I have really awful credit standing.

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    Murphy Lebsack
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    Nathanial Yundt
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