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    (I posted this question here because I know alot of couples in this section have delt with moving in and fiances with their partners.) Afternoon, I have a question and need some clarity. I will be moving in with my fiance before our child is born Jan 2012. The problem is, we both equally have great paying jobs and there is no risk of being laid off, and we can afford the rent. The problem comes in with credit, he has bad credit and I have no credit. I never took out a loan, never made car payments. Nothing, because I always was a cash person. I was recently told that no credit is just as equal as bad credit, and that I should take out a prepaid credit card, but I am really against credit cards..with moving in with have to have an Villas score or else we will face not getting the place or having to pay a higher rent or paying the first month's rent as the security deposit. Is there anyway to achieve a good credit score from now until Jan without having to take out credit cards and loans? I pay all my bills on time, I don't overdraft and I only have two accounts one checking with BoA (sadly) & a savings credit union. He doesn't bank with anyone because he closed them all down. Any tips of this issue?

    First i want to say Congratulations on your baby; My baby is due in December....... No way to do it without establishing a credit history. Just because you get a credit card doesnt mean you have to go crazy maxing it or allowing the balance to roll over into the next billing cycle which is a huge waste of money. If you pay your balance off each time you're billed it will still give you a good rating & establish a history. More than likely you will get better interest rates from your credit union so do a secured card with them & make small purchases that you can payoff when your bill arrives: make purchases under $50 or $100 just to establish a history of paying on time. A few minor items for you baby will be perfect.

    I am an underwriter for a bank...mortgages and personal loans. Nope. In order to build good credit, you have to establish credit first. This is done through open-ended loans and credit cards. I agree a great place to start is with what is called a 'secured credit card' [as apposed to a prepaid card]. Most financial institutions do not even require credit report for these. you deposit money into an account that is attached to your credit card. This account is an insurance policy for the bank, should you default on your payments. the amount fo the savings account = the credit line on your card. Most banks can grant the card with a deposit as low as 250.00. Use the card once in a while, say to get gas for your car once a week, and then pay your balance in full each cycle. After 12 months at your request, you can have the bank evaluate your credit history and worthiness to see if they can turn your card into an 'unsecured', or regular credit card. if that happens, they will return the balance in your savings account to you. this is also a good way to build on bad credit as well. Hope this helps!

    There is nothing he can do and the only thing you can do is take out credit and credit cards to boost your credit rating. Get a credit card from your bank and only use a small amount of it as this lets see any future creditors see how your payment record is. If you cannot get one from your bank then try Capital One or Vanquis as anyone gets these and it does boost your credit rating.

    Go to your credit union and talk to them. I think moving in for your first time coupled with moving in with your boyfriend paired up with having a newborn...is probably not the best time to open up those credit card accounts...too much temptation to charge what you can't afford. Trust me when I say - financial hardship is going to hit you for a time...kids are expensive!

    Apparently, you do not understand the concept of the "pre-paid credit card". It being pre-paid, you're not actually going into debt with it. You're putting money up front, and then using the card to spend your money. So get over your silly aversion. There is nothing financially safer in the world than a pre-paid credit card.

    How do you expect to build credit if you aren't willing to use credit????? Suck it up. Get a credit card. Buy something for $10. Pay off the credit card ($10). Cut up credit card. Voila! You've got a credit score and a history of paying your credit card balance in full, on time..

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