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    I need to begin to clear up my past negligent credit. I have past mistakes that I would like to fix so I can buy a house. I have a FICO score of 540 (awful, I am ashamed), and two good standing lines of credit (my credit card and student loan). I have past delinquencies that I would like to clear up. I have a great job with great income. How can I financially do this being a single mother, who does NOT get any help at all. I am responsible, and realize how my past is affecting me. I will make no excuses for what I have done. Just know, I want to make it right. I have made really poor choices, and realize now that I am older, they just were uncalled for. Now, I have to do something about it in order to move forward. Someone told me that clearing up really old delinquent credit won't even help your credit, even if you pay it off. Any SOLID advice would be great. I would LOVE to buy a house, but I need to make my PAST wrongs into rights.

    There isn't a quick and easy way. Bad debt usually stays on your record for at least 7 years. Your credit score isn't the only thing they look at. If you debt credit ratio is good you may still be able to get a loan. Assuming you do not have unpaid debt from the past. Most creditors will not loan a person money if they have past loans they didn't pay back.

    Houses are big financial commitments that are not liquid. I would work on paying off your student loans and cleaning up your old debts. I would continually check your credit and see how different things improve your standing. The problem with taking a loan if you can get one with a bad credit score is that the interest rate will be really high. Remember to get your self very well set up before purchasing a house.

    Assuming you money to pay of bad debts do the following: 1. Put debts in order from smallest to largest. 2. Pay the minimum due on each debt with any extra money going for the smallest debt. 3. As you pay off debts roll that payment into the next debt. Go to annualcreditreport.com to look at your report and note any mistakes that are there. Take care to write to the credit bureau and report the mistake. It takes a while, but good luck.

    My bookstore has a very small book called Credit Repair. In the finance section. Cost about $15. It will make you an expert. Your library may also have many books on this. Do not dare fall for the scam companies out there that promise to do this for you. Stay clear of debt consolidation/negotiation companies. And credit repair companies. They just rob you blind. Easy to do yourself. If you have any credit cards, start paying them in full each month.

    You need to check out this video on how to increase your credit score by using a 100% legal loophole. Here is the video URL: I was able to get to 595 from 489 in just one day and from 489 to 748 in just a few week; that's pretty fast in my book. Good luck!

    Pay off the bad stuff. If it's close to 7 years old, leave it, it will drop off soon anyway. Try and get them to agree to delete it if you pay in full. Get any deals Villas WRITING.

    You need to pay what you owe and clear up all outstanding debts.

    I researched this for someone recently who wanted a pro to help her go through her credit report. Only one of the credit bureaus offers this service, as far as i could find. But Experian will put you with someone one-on-one over the phone to help you for around $30. I think it would be worth it. Here's a link I found: least this is one of the credit bureaus, so shouldn't be any type of scam.

Basic Accounting Assignment Help?

  • Philip Dickens
    Philip Dickens
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  • Tara Beer
    Tara Beer
    A.) a thousand registered for capital equipment account, one thousand communicated to cash. b.) 4600 debited on power the allocation account, late 2000 accredited to cash account, and 2600 on behalf of the their clients payable. c.)1200 debited 's insurance such expenditure account, 1 2 shown in cash. d.)2000 debited to those amounts receivable, 1 p.m. debited to cash. e.)2300 calculating the the records payable. f.)750 debited to let expense, 750 move in cash. g)100 debited to achieve drawing, 100 thereof is paid performed by cash.
  • Al Swaniawski
    Al Swaniawski
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