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    That's messed up. I really hope that is not happening on a large scale in England (UK, USA,anywhere). Freezing credit will only exacerbate the problem. I can and would expect them to turn you down in the state we are in (economically) if your credit was "risky", but if everything is as good as you stated, (and I believe you to be an honest person!) it would be detrimental to the economy if this is happening on a large scale (as in like most, or all lending institutions). That is what the banks in USA did after the crash of 29' and it proved to be disasterous (not lending and freezing credit). We NEED the free flow of *unrisky* credit and loans to get us back on track economically. (among other measures of course) I'm sorry, I kinda' forgot who I was answering. I'm sure you understand the economy. I knd of misread the question too. I hope everything works out with what you need. If you work hard and are responsible, as in paying bills on time, etc, you should NOT have to worry about receiving credit. It is ppl. like YOU that keep this economy going. You should not be punished for the irresponsibility of others. It's like all you needed was a pulse or finger twitch to get credit before...and now we are paying for it. PS. I have NEVER used ANY credit card when or if I could not pay it back Warrington FULL at the end of the month. I am proud of that...but it was mainly my father pounding it into my head my whole life. There are just way too many ppl. living way beyond their means. THAT is the problem. He has been predicting this economic situation for as long as I can remember. (Although he has been proven correct, that probably doesn't help the fact that he has lost about 1/2 of his retirement already because of this type of behavior) If you are wondering..I blame the borrower more than the lender in today's current situation. Both did things wrong, but I believe it is the responsibility of the person to PAY their bills first and foremost. After all, they are THEIR bills. They were not forced or tricked into getting them as ppl. like to pretend. Ppl. want to live beyond their means and it has gotten WAY out of control; and now we are where we are. "Ted" is correct, but I do not know the laws or practices in the UK. But you should ask. It couldn't hurt. PS. I'm sure you can do better than 35%! WOW! I think that's worse than the MOB or a loan shark even! Good luck "Abby", you deserve it. I hope everything else is good with ya' though.

    Banks do not give people loans because they have good credit scores. They do not turn people down because they have bad credit scores. The score is just one tool that they take into consideration. You can ask them for a specific reason. In the US you would be entitled to an explanation in writing. Note: in my personal experience I was turned down with the reason being "insufficient time with employer", so that may be your problem, too. Some places have an absolute rule on this, so try someplace else.

    You need to ask the company why they have refused you you say you pay your bills on time what type of bills do you mean other credit companies? How many times have you applied for credit this could have an effect? How much credit do you owe? If this is the first ever loan you have applied for, then the credit company have nothing to judge your payment history on

    Loans are not that difficult to get, if your credit is as good as you say. So My first guess is something is messing up your credit scores. Pull your credit report and look for errors. If it looks ok, then shop around. Credit is not frozen. They are just being a lot more picky who they give loans to.

    A lot of it could be what you needed the money for, the amount you are trying to borrow, and your current debt to income ratio. You have not given us enough information, but I am thinking that you have tapped out all of your current forms of credit and still need more money.

    Do you have any savings? If not, that's why. If so, then go to to another bank, tell them your situation and tell them you will deposit your money in an account with them if they'll give you the loan. It worked for me many years ago, but it was only a small loan- $3000 I think

    There is your problem. When the creditors see that you move to much and do not have a stable resident they feel that you are not in a good position to borrow. They like you to live in one place at lease for one year or more. Stay in your resident for a year then try again.

    We're not psychic...the state of the economy is the problem and not all banks want to start bad loans again. so wait, like the rest of us.

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