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    A few years ago I purchased a truck with my fiance at the time. Three years ago we broke up and per my attorney I signed an Indemnity Agreement to allow him possession and sole responsible owner of it. He is to NOT hold me responsible for payments, repairs, etc. However he was unable to refinance to get my name off of the loan. I later sued him for fraud and won that case. Recently he stopped paying for the truck and it was repo'd. I know what happens to the truck but since we were upside down on the loan I know it will not sell for the amount needed. I keep mailing letters and sending a copy of the agreement plus the Journal Entry from the fraud case to the finance company telling them that I signed over "custody" of the truck. Naturally I got a letter in the mail telling me if there is a balance owed, I owe it. My lawyer has been absolutely no help telling me that since the trial is over, I am on my own with this situation. Is there ANY hope at all of my getting out of this??? I know my only hope will to pay it off but I am praying that with the legal documents I have that will be enough. PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS Wekiva Springs THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER!

    The problem is that the indemnity agreement that both you and your ex signed is between both of you. The finance company never was a party to this agreement and your loan is in both of your names. You state he was unable to get anyone to refinance this and most likely either you or him had bad credit so the loan company had both of you sign this loan to protect "their interests" when you first purchased this truck. You can send letters till you are blue in the face but it will not hold water, since you never got the loan company to sign off on this indemnity agreement and both of you are responsible on paying off the loan period. Just like suing someone and winning a judgement, collecting is the hard part since most courts do not collect for you, only award a judgment saying owed period. It appears they are unable to collect from your ex, so now going after you. Either way you both owe since both of you are on the contract, but most likely they see you as the one who may have the money to pay back vs your ex. Your 1st mistake was not guaranteeing that your name was taken off the loan agreement with the finance company before allowing him sole possession of the truck. Once he stopped paying either because he was in financial problems or from spike against you, you then also became liable for any outstanding debt owed. BTW how do you plan on selling a car that is in his name only by your indemnity agreement? He could try selling it and you may not see a dime. You either need to pay more money to your lawyer to get some more legal advice or hire another lawyer on your options. good luck, you will need it.

How long does it take for a Title Company to get a real estate abstract?

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