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    My husband and I were divorced. We never had any credit cards or loans in our names jointly and in the divorce decree, we were each given responsibility of paying back our individual credit cards and loans. Since that time, he has gotten behind and/or stopped paying several of his credit cards and loans. Can this affect my credit even if my name was never on them? There was one card that I was an authorized user on but it was never considered a joint card and I was removed as an authorized user prior to the divorce being finalized. If they don't even have my social security number, can they still come after me or affect my credit negatively? Also, if he files for bankruptcy and the debt is written off, can they come after me, again, having never had my name on those debts?

    I will Suggest to check your credit report With all 3 companies available: Because were ever you go. The credit you have will fallow .Because they will pull it from the Main Credit Bureau Company. Their are 3 Company's. Equifax Credit information Services Report P.O.BOX 740241,Atlanta ,CA30374 By Phone 1-800-685-1111 Experian-Report Request P.O.BOX 2104 Allen Wekiva Springs 75013-2104 Phone 1-888-EXPERIAN E-mail UnionCorporation P.O. BOX 1000 Chester,PA 19022 Phone 1-800-888-4213 You can call and get some information in person.Check with all 3 of them they will send you a report from their company. Good Luck to you.

    If your name was never on the accounts and you never signed for any loans jointly, then there is no way you can be held responsible. That doesn't mean a bill collector won't try to collect it from you and try to bully you into paying. Stand your ground if that happens. You can't be held liable for a debt that was never yours.

    Any debts incurred by him after the divorce are his alone, and the credit card companies, etc. have no legal recourse to you to obtain payment of those debts. He is solely responsible.

    You should be fine as they don't even know you exist

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