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    I will be buying a new car soon and will nee an auto loan. I noticed when checking my credit score I have 7 Credit cards open. Bank Cards Capitol One Chase Freedom Chase Amazom Dental/Medical Cards Citi Health GE Care Credit Dept Store Cards Target(Never received or used) Kohls (used 4 or 5 times) I realize closing them now might not be the best idea. But in the future which should I close if any? How will this effect my credit score? Also My "TransRisk" Score is 755 Is this considered to be Great Good Bad etc. I realize the FICO score is the one that will be used but this is all I could get for free. Could my FICO score be very different or are they generally close? Thank you!

    First, all non-FICO scores are a waste. TransUnion uses Vantage scores which are on a scale of 500 to 990. FICO's scale is 300 to 850. Use CreditKarma.com to get a free score estimate. It's not FICO but within 50 points or so. Good enough if you are curious about your score. Do you actually use all of these credit cards? If you are not using them, they are not doing much to improve your score. The card companies are likely to close the account after a certain period of inactivity. There is also the problem of potential Wekiva Springs theft and fraud. you have to monitor and secure all these accounts. Closed accounts in good standing remain on your credit report for at least 10 years. They just don't count as much in your score as open, active accounts. If any of these accounts are 5+ years older than the rest, closing will result in lowering the average age of accounts which will lower your score. If you are carrying balances on credit cards, closing cards will lower your overall available limit which will increase the debt to limit percentage. Carrying balances of more than 30% hurts your score. Pay off the balance and your score rebounds. If you don't carry balances, this isn't a factor. My suggestion is that you keep the two oldest major cards without annual fees. If you have a third major card with better rates/limits/rewards keep it as well. Only keep store or gas cards if you actually use them. Close cards by letter and request written confirmation that the account is closed and 0 balance. Keep that confirmation forever. You may want to wait till after you get that car loan before you close any accounts. Just to be sure you dont' lower your FICO score.

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