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    I used to go to college in the States, but since I graduated last December, I left my apartment and is back in Japan where I come from. My lease goes until August of 2011, so I was told I'd have to pay until then, Wesley Chapel pay extra 200 to release me from my lease, so they can find someone else to fill my spot. I told them that my payment for January may be late, and they told me it was fine. Now I'm back, and I got a little worried, so I e-mailed the apartment people. My situation right now is that I really don't have any money available, and I'm working part-time but the money won't come in until the 10th of Feb. I start officially working at a company from April, so I'm planning to work part-time until then. Once I get my money in February, I know it will only be enough to pay January's rent. But rent is due on the first of every month. My parents have retired, and my mother is working part-time as well, but most of the money disappears with our rent etc, and I pitch in a few as well (which is why I REALLY don't have money). My roommates (I live with 4) messaged me through facebook today, and said they got court documents in the mail. So I got really worried and e-mailed the apartment guys again, explaining the whole situation and hoping they could help me out. Is there any good way this can be solved? I have a credit card I made over here in Japan, but when I use it, the money doesn't get dropped until 2 months later (I don't know about usage internationally), and I don't know if the apartment people will allow that...

    I would nicely ask for an extension, or possibly even a reduced rate for the few months you cannot pay. If you are nice and explain the situation they will come closer to helping you out. They do want their money, though. You will have to negotiate with them, if they allow it. I would suggest just explaining your situation, asking for a reduced price for a few months and then to just pay the rest of what you owe on top of your rent after you get stable. Getting behind is definitely easy, but it's best to make sure you have the money to pay for necessities, such as a place to sleep. I would try to work this out as soon as possible and the best way possible because the further you get behind, the harder it will be to catch up. Also, credit is kind of yucky. It is best to honestly save credit for emergencies or whenever you are financially stable because that is ANOTHER monthly payment, ya know? If you can't make your current monthly bills, I would HIGHLY suggest that you cut that credit card up and throw it away, as hard as it sounds. IF YOU HAVE TO, there are loan companies available to help people, even if you have bad credit. I would try to work something out like that if you can. Maybe even offer some services to people for quick cash (like computer services or things like that, lol). I wish you luck.

    If the rent is not paid in full they have every right to evict all roommates. Your money problems are NOT their problem & the have no legal obligation to wait for you to figure it out. Now that court papers have been served it is far to late to try to negotiate. They are clearly not going to wait any longer. If none of the roommates show to the eviction hearing & or still do not pay the rent then all roommates will be evicted & sued for what you owe.

    Stop using e-mail. Go to the office and sit down and negotiate the situation.

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