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    I Have a 92 Honda that i currenly owe 1,100 and I want to buy this Cadillac that costs about 4,500 What do i do so that I can buy the Cadi, and pay off the honda ? I need help!!! I cant trade in cuz my inlaw sold it to me and the car isnt under my name yet i dont have a licence or insurence on the honda but my girl has a Permit we have no Credit.I can make monthly payments of about $300.00 Give me some options plz

    Buddy, there are no legal options for you. In fact, I have to ask you why you are making payments on a car that was SOLD to you but you don't have the TITLE for? And I have to ask you (although you don't have to reply here) if your inlaw has insurance that covers "other" drivers because if he doesn't then you are definitely outside the law and probably are anyhow and subject to arrest and confinement if stopped by the cops for any reason. And even if you can "make" monthlies of about $300, if I were the Caddy owner and you came in with no deposit (or even $1100 after selling the Honda SOMEHOW) and no credit, I'd ask you how the weather was in your opinion and if the Pittsburgh Stealers were going to buy another Super Bowl this year and your take on the November elections and you'd finally get the message and leave. If the Honda is running OK, forget the ego trip of the Caddie and save up your money, build your credit by opening a savings account, taking out very small signature loans from your bank (I assume you have a checking account) by depositing the loan amount in your savings account and then promptly paying it back to the bank to show that you are reliable and trustworthy in your finanical affairs. At present, you don't show any indication of this at all, buddy. Instead, you are trying to use one car that isn't in your name (and which You still owe XXX dollars on) to come up with the deposit for a $4500 Caddie which can't be TOO MUCH since that is really low for a good condition Caddie. (Are you sure the Caddie isn't a rehab'd wreck or fire, Wesley Chapel that the title to it is good? And who are you buying it from--some loan (hi-load) company?) Doesn't sound like a good situation to start with and that your lust for a Caddie is just going to make your life one heck of a lot worse. In short, I see the only option for you is to pay off your present in-law loan, get the title to the Honda, buy insurance in your own name, forget anything your "girl" has because she has no legal obligation to you at all in any way/shape/form/fashion and no cop is going to give you a free ride on her "permit" whatever that is, and settle your own legal matters in your own name--because the world isn't going to accept it in any other way.

    Look man, you have a serious problem with money which you don't have enough to buy another Cadillac, left alone to pay off the Honda which you're still paying monthly. The way I see it for you, the only option, is buy some lottery tickets and hope to strike enough money to buy that Cadillac. If you fail, then try again and again until you strike it. After all, time is on your side and the Cadillac can wait for you.

    Simply part excange it and pay the difference..

    Dont know unless it is at a dealer