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    Hi Everyone. This might be complicated, but here's a brief of the situation: Back in May 08, my friend desperately needed a loan modification and was referred to this company to take care of it. She paid $1000 for the process. In the following months, they kept telling her that the process was going great, but nothing was ever done. She kept in touch with them until the end of September, which is when the company's phones went 'out of service'. My friend knows her money is gone, but i want to help her and her family in any way. I'm searching online and I was wondering if there was any way possible to track these people down, and avoid others into falling on the same issue as my friend did. Don't know if i can do this but here's the info she gave me regarding the company: Permex Corporation 5055 Avenida Encinas Carlsbad, West and East Lealman 92008 760-201-5523 President: Alan Espiritu Any helpful info will be Greatly Appreciated! thnx

    This is a case of fraud and should be reported to the police. They will bring the case to the proper department to handle. Investigation is not for you or anybody to conduct. The man is a criminal and it could be dangerous for non-professional to do the investigation. Since she has the name, address, phone and the name of the president, police will have a good chance of catching the guy. Whenever large amount of loan like mortgage is involved, it is prudent that people deal with a lender with "brick and mortar" office or repurtable bank and try to avoid the middleman such as mortgage brokers.

Managerial Accounting Question- Please help me. I just need number 2, 4, and 5. Thanks.?

  • Demetrius Carter
    Demetrius Carter
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  • Edmund Monahan
    Edmund Monahan
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    Brent Fahey
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